Essential Oils for Arthritis

Arthritis in an umbrella term that refers to a number of rheumatic ailments characterised by inflammation in the joints causing pain. While arthritis in the joints of your fingers and hands is the most recognisable form of arthritis, inflammation and joint pain can occur anywhere in your body.

The most common types of arthritis are rheumatoid arthritis - an autoimmune disease - and osteoarthritis - a condition caused by wear and tear on the joints - while both of these common types of arthritis are caused by different things, the pain and inflammation are the same.

Given the similarities between both types of arthritis, the treatments and lifestyle changes necessary to see changes are also quite similar.

How to Treat Arthritis Naturally with Essential Oils

How to cope with arthritis naturally

When it comes to changing your life and your health, what you eat is a good starting point.

The food we eat should be nourishing our bodies, not harming them. It’s important to take a hard look at what you are feeding your body. Real, whole foods are what our bodies need. Avoiding prepared foods, gluten and eating a diet rich in raw foods, fruits and vegetables is an important step in managing inflammation in the body.

Adding a prebiotic and probiotic to your diet is another important step in improving your health from the inside out. Prebiotics are important as they serve as fertiliser for the good bacteria in your gut which is found fermented foods and probiotics. Probitics are important for gut health. More and more, it is becoming apparent a healthy gut is intrinsic in holistic health and maintaining a healthy immune system.

How to Treat Arthritis with Essential Oils

When you are struggling with joint pain and inflammation, soaking in a warm bath offers relief. The following essential oil recipes are designed to be added to 1/4 cup of epsom salts and then dissolved into your bath water.

Once you’re in the bath, let yourself soak for as long as possible or until the bath water cools.

Essential Oil Recipe for Arthritis

Relieve muscle pain with essential oils

  • 7 drops - juniper berry essential oil

  • 6 drops - rosemary essential oil

  • 5 drops - lavender essential oil

  • 5 drops - marjoram essential oil

Relieve joint pain and inflammation with essential oils

  • 6 drops - marjoram essential oil

  • 6 drops - lavender essential oil

  • 6 drops - rosemary essential oil

  • 5 drops - juniper berry essential oil

  • 4 drops - peppermint essential oil

Reduce inflammation with essential oils

  • 8 drops - lavender essential oil

  • 8 drops - tea tree essential oil

  • 4 drops - bergamot essential oil

  • 3 drops - lemon essential oil

Improve circulation and reduce pain with essential oils

The following essential oil recipe is designed to be blended into 3 tablespoon of your favourite carrier oil and used as a massage oil. Blend the following into the carrier oil and leave the mixture for 24 hours before applying the massage oil topically as needed through out the day.

  • 10 drops - birch essential oil

  • 10 drops - peppermint essential oil

  • 10 drops - wintergreen essential oil

Diffusing Essential Oils to Ease Arthritis Pain

Diffusing essential oils in your aromatherapy diffuser helps to support the reduction of inflammation in your body.

Diffusing spicy essential oils like black pepper, cassia, cinnamon , clove and ginger essential oils help to reduce inflammation in your body. Diffusing essential oils which improve circulation like cypress, juniper berry and lemon are also effective when it comes to reducing inflammation in the body.

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