5 Benefits of Essential Oils in Self-Tanning Products

Beauty products should enhance the beauty of a person, not temporarily mask imperfections or pose a health threat in the long run. Only then the beauty will naturally thrive.

Self-tanning products are one of these beauty enhancers that are favourite among women because of the plethora of benefits they have. They are easy to use, convenient, and do not cost as much as the treatments at the salon do.

However, many brands use lots of chemicals to ensure the durability of the product and these chemicals instead of taking care of the skin harm it in different ways. For example, the mineral oils, which are petroleum derivatives can be carcinogen and comedogenic.

The sodium, hydroxymethyl glycinate, is known as a ”natural preservative,” but in high concentrations, it can be an irritant to the skin and the eyes. Moreover, the amyl acetate is used in dry cleaning, which speaks to that fact that it is a harsh chemical that damages the texture and the overall tissue of the skin.

Finally, artificial fragrances and colours consist of carcinogen substances and produce an unnatural tan.

Why You Should Use Essential Oils in Self-Tanning Products

Using Essential Oils in Self-Tanning

Taking all of this into consideration, it is clear that you need to stay away from artificially made self-tanning products. It is time to turn to the natural ones that consist of organic ingredients and essential oils. Not only these self-tanning products give you the tan you want but also they protect your skin from premature ageing and any other problems.

Here are 5 incredible benefits of self-tanning products that have essential oils in the formula. 

Essential oils take care of the general condition of your skin

Essential oils do wonders for the skin. They keep it smooth, silky, and youthful-looking. The carrier oils including olive, coconut, jojoba, almond, and avocado oil help dilute the essential oils so that they can easily be applied to the skin. They are best at reducing skin sensitivity and increasing absorption through the skin.

Essential oils provide intense hydration

The essential oils in the self-tanning products provide extra moisture and hydration to the skin. The skin is silky, fresh, and looks phenomenal. There isn’t any other substance that can make the skin so full of life. Plus, if the skin is dry, the essential oils will bring back its smoothness.

Essential oils create a quick tan

Some of the self-tanning products have formulas that guarantee rapid tanning. This is thanks to the essential oils and other botanical oils that can get you a rich tan in just a few hours. The Vani T Tan products, for example, are known for their luxurious natural ingredients in the formula that consist mainly of essential oils and other natural substances.

Essential oils are suitable for sensitive skin

Another fantastic benefit of essential oils in self-tanning products is that they make the products suitable even for the most sensitive skin. In fact, they even help with inflammation of the skin. They provide immediate relief and reduce redness and painful itching.

Essential oils create a long-lasting tan

Finally, the essential oils can strengthen the formula of the self-tanning products and provide a long-lasting tan, streak-free, and beautifully scented. Long gone are the days when self-tanning products left appalling orange marks on the skin and smelled not so pleasantly. Today, the mix of essential oils in the formula provides amazing ta colour and an attractive aroma.

The Bottom Line About Essential Oils in Self-Tanning Products

Essential oils are a gift from nature, and their benefits are countless. Fortunately, this was recognised by the self-tanning product brands and used to create a one-of-a-kind experience of products that not only give you the tan you want but also make it healthy, firm, youthful and awesome-smelling.

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