How to Use DoTERRA’s On Guard Essential Oil Blend

One of DoTERRA’s most popular essential oil blends, On Guard is a blend of five different essential oils:

  • Wild orange peel essential oil

  • Clove bud essential oil

  • Cinnamon bark essential oil

  • Eucalyptus leaf essential oil

  • Rosemary essential oil

These five powerful essential oils combine to create a powerful boost for your immune system making DoTERRA’s On Guard the perfect blend to diffuse during cold and flu season. This powerhouse blend is also perfect for helping your body fight of illness when you find yourself stricken and feeling under the weather.

How to Use DoTERRA’s On Guard Essential Oil Blend

Using DoTERRA’s On Guard essential oil blend

There are a few different ways to use DoTERRA’s On Guard essential oil blend. You can use a few drops in your essential oil diffuser - we recommend diffusing 8-10 drops at a time. You can blend On Guard with a carrier oil and apply the blend topically - we recommend blending 10-15 drops into one tablespoon of your favourite carrier oil and applying the blend to the bottom of your feet and your ups-chest at bedtime. You can also combine a few drops of On Guard essential oil blend with water to create a household cleaner - we recommend 30 drops of On Guard in 250ml of water.

While some aromatherapists will recommend ingesting On Guard essential oil blend, here at The Essential Life, we believe the most powerful pathway into the body is through inhalation and absorption. We do not recommend ingesting essential oils unless you are looking to add flavour.

Precautions & contraindications

When applying On Guard topically, it is important to avoid direct sunlight for up to 12-hours after use. Because this blend contains a citrus essential oils (orange peel essential oil), it can cause photosensitivity which increases your risk of developing a severe sun burn.

Where to buy DoTERRA’s On Guard

DoTerra’s On Guard essential oil blend is available for purchase directly from DoTERRA on Amazon Australia.