3 Essential Oils for Christmas Time

Christmas is the wonderful time of year full of all the joy & happiness of spending time with family & friends, the pleasures of giving & receiving gifts & the wonderful mouth-watering flavours of the seasons. Christmas is also a time of wonderful aromas, from fresh cut pine scent of the Christmas tree, to the tantalisingly tasty smell of a roasting turkey. We have chosen our 3 favourite Essential Oils for the holiday season, add to the wonderful smells of the holidays with these great Christmas themed Essential Oils.

The 3 Best Essential Oils for Christmas Time

Frankincense Essential Oil

This Essential Oil Christmas classic has been used for thousands of years, & was presented to the baby Jesus by one of the three wise men in the nativity story. Frankincense has a profoundly relaxing effect on the body & can bring a lovely sense of calm to even the most hectic of Christmas events. Add a few drops to your diffuser to waft the calming cloud through your home & settle frantic children, & adults too!

Pine Essential Oil

If you love the scent of fresh cut pine, but for practical reasons you have opted for an artificial Christmas tree, fret not, you can still enjoy the lovely scent of a pine forest right in your living room.

Add 5-6 drops of Pine Essential Oil & a few drops of dish-soap to a spray bottle filled with water & shake vigorously. Lightly spray the mixture over your tree, taking care not to over spray onto painted or varnished surfaces, & enjoy the forest-fresh scent.

Alternately you can add a few drops of Pine Essential Oil to cotton wool balls & hide them amongst the branches of your Christmas tree. For an extra uplifting boost try adding a citrus oil such as Grapefruit or Orange to the mixture.

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon has a warm & spicy scent reminiscent of a day spent baking delicious treats in the kitchen. Cinnamon is comforting, strengthening & aids us in maintaining focus, & is the perfect companion for tackling all those Christmas chores.

Diffuse Cinnamon Oil in your home to give a great energy boost before heading out to that Christmas party, or add a few drops to your Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser when you return home from a long stint of Christmas shopping to help you bounce back & get on with all that needs to be done for the festive season.

What’s in your Diffuser?

Frankincense, Spruce & Cinnamon Essential Oils are our three favourite Essential Oils for Christmas, what are your favourites? Let us know in the comments.

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