Naturally Boost Testosterone Levels With Spruce Essential Oil

Testosterone is a hormone present in both sexes that is much more prevalent in males. This hormone is primarily produced in the testes in males & in the ovaries in females, with small quantities produced by the adrenal glands in both sexes. Testosterone is responsible for initiating the development of male sexual organs before birth, & the physical changes in males during puberty. In adults Testosterone signals the body to create new white blood cells, ensures that muscles & bones stay strong, enhances sexual drive in both men & women, & is essential for sperm creation in men.

NaturallY Boost Testosterone Levels with Spruce Essential Oil

How is Testosterone Regulated in Your Body?

In healthy individuals Testosterone production is finely balanced to maintain stable levels in the blood, these levels naturally tend to peak in the morning & slowly decline through the day. Testosterone production is controlled by the hypothalamus & the pituitary gland, which send signals to the testes to stimulate production & release of the hormone when in deficit, & signal the cessation of production when adequate levels are reached.

What happens When Testosterone Levels Are Out of Balance?

Excessive testosterone is hard to identify in adult males, however females with excessive testosterone will notice increased acne, deepening voice, increased facial & body hair & balding at the front of the hairline. Inadequate levels of testosterone in adult males causes many problems. These include a reduction in muscle mass, loss of body hair, & drying out of the skin. ‘Low T’ as lowered levels of Testosterone production is often called, can also lead to increased body fat, difficulty concentrating, sleep difficulties, inadequate erections & poor sexual performance, osteoporosis & memory loss. Low Levels of testosterone can also lead to male infertility.

The Dangers of Artificial Testosterone Boosters

Because low Testosterone is a problem for so many men, there is now a plethora of pharmaceutical supplements available to help boost testosterone production. These supplements are made from synthetic chemicals & have many side effects. A study of popular artificial testosterone boosters conducted by the Cleveland Clinic found that, in addition to damaging the heart & prostate, they caused sleep apnea, acne flares, enlarged breasts & testicular shrinkage.

Boost Testosterone Naturally With Spruce Essential Oil

Instead of using these potentially harmful artificial products for treating low Testosterone, there are natural alternatives. Blue Spruce Essential Oil has many health benefits, including boosting Testosterone production. Dr. Dan Purser conducted a trial which had the males subjects ingest 8 drops of Blue Spruce Essential Oil within a capsule once daily. The subjects showed an increase of 30% in Testosterone levels after only two weeks, & some subjects showed up to 100% increased levels after 4 weeks. The subjects reported increased physical & mental performance in line with their new higher testosterone levels a year later.

Testosterone production can also be aided by leading a healthy lifestyle. Eating a diet high in zinc, which can be found in shellfish & whole grains, has been found to be very beneficial to Testosterone production. Equally, cutting refined sugars from your diet, engaging in regular, strenuous, exercise, avoiding stress & anxiety, & getting adequate sleep all have positive effects on Testosterone levels.  

Live Well. Live Naturally.

Why risk your well being taking artificial pharmaceuticals with long lists of negative side effects? Choose the Natural Alternative & engage in preventative medicine by living The Essential Life of healthy organic foods & Natural Medicines.

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