5 Mindfulness Tip to Help You Survive the Holiday Season

The holiday & new year period can be a particularly stressful time of year regardless of your particular religious or cultural observances. In order to avoid falling into the pit of frenzied & stressful holiday burnout in the New Year, apply these five Mindfulness tips to your daily life & pass through the holiday period on a cloud of calm.

How to Survive the Holiday Season With Mindfulness

Walk a Mile, or at Least a Few Steps,  in Their Shoes

When dealing with relatives it is not unusual for differences of opinions to occur. When faced with a topic of discussion or situation that may flare into a heated argument with a loved one, take a step back & breath. Being Mindful in these moments will allow you to evaluate the situation from a calm, clear & non-judgmental perspective. While you may not agree with them or their beliefs your Mindfulness will allow you to appreciate that there are reasons for them to hold on to their position, & by letting go of all judgements you can interact with them in a non-combative way. Appreciating the situation, letting go of bias & past events, & just being in the moment with family will make your time together over the holidays so much more enjoyable.

Let Go of Grand Expectations

The holidays can inspire feelings of excitement, joy, & anticipation. These are pleasant experiences, but anticipation of grand & flawless events can lead to unrealistic expectations & disappointment. Instead of attaching your happiness to the outcomes of planned events instead live in the moment, stay Mindful & appreciate each & every day for what it is. Letting go of expectation & flowing with changes will make for a stress-free holiday period & help you appreciate the things that really matter.

Count Your Blessings

As humans we tend to focus on the negative aspects of life. By being Mindful & appreciating all you have to be thankful for in each moment you will dramatically increase your overall happiness in life. Take the time to be present several times a day & you will notice the little things that make your life amazing. Focusing on what you have instead of what you want is the key to leading a happy & fulfilled life.

Bring Mindfulness to the Table

Eat meals with Mindfulness. Instead of quickly devouring a delicious holiday morsel, instead take the moment to be Mindful & truly appreciate the experience. Focus on the flavour & texture of each & every bite, take in the aroma & make associations with the time of year, give thoughts to all the people involved in the process of preparing & delivering this tasty treat to your lips, & turn a quick snack into a fulfilling & enriching experience.

Be Mindful Behind the Wheel

The holidays are an extremely busy time of year with everyone needing to be somewhere in a hurry. Don’t fall into the trap of holiday road-rage & stay mindful during your commutes. Pay attention to your breathing, the feel of the material on the seats & controls, the blow of the air conditioning or heater, be aware that each & every other person commuting with you has a whole life they are living with their own hopes, dreams & desires wrapped up in their own mind. Avoid passing judgement on others actions & realise that everyone is on their own path being affected by their own circumstances. Practising mindfulness behind the wheel will bring you to your destination cool, calm & collected for whatever the holidays have in store for you.

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