4 Essential Oils for Mindfulness

Today's world is all bustle & business. With the demands that our responsibilities place on our time, sometimes it can be difficult to remember to take the time necessary to live the in moment & be present in your life as it happens all around you. When we forget to take the time out for stillness, life can become overwhelming, stressful & worrisome. To help us stay centred & content, we practice Mindfulness. 

Because Mindfulness has been such an excellent tool for us, throughout the month of December, we are focusing on Mindfulness in order to help our Natural Living community learn more about this Wellness practice & how it can improve life & bring peace & contentment. If you already practice Mindfulness in your day-to-day life & spend your time in Mindful Meditation, adding Essential Oils to your Mindfulness practice are a great way to take Mindfulness to the next level.

Essential Oils for Mindfulness

Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver Essential Oil has a strong, earthy smell & it is this aroma that makes this Essential Oil particularly useful in Mindfulness & Mindful Meditation. Before Meditation, try applying Vetiver Essential Oil to the balls of your feet, your pressure points or directly over your Chakras to inspire Mindfulness.

Marjoram Essential Oil

Marjoram Essential Oil has a uniquely woody, spicy scent with herbaceous undertones. Marjoram is sometimes referred to as the "herb of happiness" or as the "joy of the mountains". Marjoram Essential Oil is uplifting, balancing & grounding which make it an excellent Essential Oil when it comes to the practice of Mindfulness. 

Marjoram is also known to calm the mind. During Mindful Meditation, diffusing Marjoram Essential Oil will help you stop the sometime unending flow of thoughts as they tumble around your head making it possible for you to focus & be present in the moment as you Meditate.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood has a strong, woody smell that is reminiscent of a campfire. This Essential Oil has powerful grounding properties which make it the perfect Essential Oil for Mindful Meditation. Like Vetiver, a few drops of Cedarwood Essential Oil can be applied to the bottoms of your feet before you Meditate or a drop or two can be placed over your heart Chakra to inspire Mindfulness.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil is one of the best oils to use in an Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser while you Meditate. This holy Essential Oil is known for its Spiritual properties. Frankincense Essential Oil also banishes stress & anxiety while bringing stability to your thoughts. Diffuse Frankincense Essential Oil while you practice Mindful Meditation to quiet your mind so you can focus on your breathing & consciousness.

These Essential Oils are great addition to your Mindfulness practice. You can also diffuse Essential Oils in your Aromatherapy Diffuser. Try this aromatherapy recipe in your Ultrasonic Diffuser while you practice Mindful Meditation to help bring calm & focus to your mind.

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