Grounding Essential Oil Recipe for Meditation

The powerful effect that Essential Oils have on your mood make them perfect for achieving deeper levels of calm & enlightenment in meditation.  Using Essential Oils that are grounding, uplifting, spiritual, & peaceful as you meditate, will take you to new levels of profundity.

In your meditation practice, centring yourself with a grounding Essential Oil blend can help calm & relax you at the end of a hard, or stressful day making it easier to focus yourself inwardly.  Try these Essential Oils for grounding & centring yourself.

Grounding Essential Oils for Meditation

Spruce Essential Oil

Spruce Essential Oil will dilate your bronchial tract thereby deepening your breathing to assist you in the release of emotional blockages.

Ho Wood Essential Oil

Ho Wood Essential Oil is a powerfully relaxing oil.  Previously, many Meditation Essential Oil blends utilised Rosewood Essential Oils to achieve a similar effect, however, Rosewood has become on endangered species, & Ho Wood produces the same physical & spiritual effects in a more sustainable way.  The Essential Life are big of sustainability, & recommend substituting Ho Wood in any recipe that calls for Rosewood Essential Oil.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense is a deeply spiritual oil.  It is a powerful healing oil for both spiritual & physical ailments.  It's unique healing value is thanks to Frankincense's effect on the pituitary gland.  It passes the blood/brain barrier to promote mental health.  In meditation blends, Frankincense Essential Oil will strengthen your connection with the source of your understanding.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood Essential Oil is another spiritual oil whose healing properties will assist you in achieving mental & emotional clarity in order to help you focus inwardly on your spiritual self.  

Grounding Essential Oil Diffuser Recipe for Mediation

When it comes to meditation, an Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser is a great investment.  Once I have created an Essential Oil blend for meditation, I start diffusing it roughly 30 minutes before I start meditating.  I find that diffusing Essential Oils helps to prepare my body for peace & spirituality.

Try this grounding Essential Oil recipe in your diffuser the next time you need to achieve balance in your meditation:

  • 5 drops - Spruce Essential Oil

  • 4 drops - Ho Wood Essential Oil

  • 3 drops - Frankincense Essential Oil

  • 1 drop - Sandalwood Essential Oil

Set up your diffuser in a quiet place where you feel comfortable.  Start diffusing your grounding Essential Oil blend while you prepare your space the way you need it.  Relax, & sink deep into meditation as you inhale this grounding Essential Oil blend.

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