Treating Arthritis and Joint Pain with Essential Oils

While the factors which cause Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis are very different, both afflictions manifest themselves similarly in our bodies in unpleasant & uncomfortable ways.  The treatment for these, & other types of arthritic pain, can be costly both financially & to our health.

Managing the pain associated with arthritis can be done with natural remedies.   The following Essential Oil recipes are powerful pain relieving formulas that work well when combined with a healthy diet & regular activity.

Essential Oil Recipes to Ease Arthritis Pain

Anti-inflammatory Arthritis Essential Oil Recipe

This recipe is specifically designed to lessen the inflammation associated with arthritic pain & arthritic flare-ups.  The following Essential Oils should be blended into your favourite carrier oil & stored in a dark amber bottle, away from direct sunlight to keep the Essential Oils for going bad.

  • 30 drops - Helichrysum Essential Oil

  • 10 drops - Spruce Essential Oil

  • 10 drops - Peppermint Essential Oil

  • 10 drops - Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Once blended, let the mixture set for 24 hrs. before applying it to your skin.  Use this blend as a massage oil & apply to achy joints to reduce inflammation as needed throughout the day.

Arthritis Bath Oil Essential Oil Recipe

This Essential Oil recipe is meant for easing joint pain while relaxing in a nice warm bath.  These oils should be blended into a carrier oil like coconut oil, jojoba oil, or whichever carrier oil you have available.

  • 5 drops - Lavender Essential Oil

  • 5 drops - Cypress Essential Oil

  • 2 drops - Ginger Root Essential Oil

For this blend, simply combine the Essential Oils into the Carrier Oil of your choice.  Pour the mixture into the bath while the water is running, get in & relax!

Massage Oil for Arthritic Knees & Hips Essential Oil Recipe

This blend of Essential Oils is specially blended to target the major joints of your lower body. Combine the following Essential Oils into your favourite carrier oil.

  • 24 drops - Lavender Essential Oil

  • 16 drops - Bergamot Essential Oil

  • 16 drops - Marjoram Essential Oil

  • 8 drops - Black Pepper Essential Oil

Once blended, be sure to store your Massage Oil in a glass amber bottle, & keep it away from direct sunlight.  This Essential Oil recipe can be applied to achy knees & hips throughout the day as needed.

Banish Arthritic Pain Essential Oil Massage Oil Recipe

This massage oil is a powerful blend of Essential Oils that will reduce inflammation, improve circulation, & ease pain.  Blend the following Essential Oils into 100ml of your preferred Carrier Oil.

  • 30 drops - Helichrysum Essential Oil

  • 30 drops - Sweet Birch Essential Oil

  • 30 drops - Peppermint Essential Oil

  • 10 drops - Ginger Root Essential Oil

This is a very powerful blend of Essential Oils. If you find these oils are too strong for you, try blending with fewer drops of Sweet Birch & Peppermint oil.

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