Enlightenment Essential Oil Recipe for Meditation

Meditation is a practice deeply rooted in spirituality.  I like to think of Spirituality as the acceptance of a connection to something outside of ourselves whether that be a god, nature, or a deep bond with the surrounding world.

Essential Oils to Achieve Enlightenment Through Meditation

How to Use Essential Oils While You Meditate to Reach Enlightenment

Enlightenment is entrenched in spirituality, however, when I talk about Meditating to achieve enlightenment, that is not necessarily intertwined with divinity.  Rather, when I talk about achieving enlightenment through Meditation, I am speaking of achieving a deeper connection with your inner self, & the world around you.

Meditating for enlightenment, is a way to see into yourself by awakening a living & conscious energy that pervades your subtle being.  To do this, I suggest diffusing deeply spiritual, healing oils such as Helichrysum, Frankincense, & Sandalwood.  These Essential Oils are gentle, & subtle & will enhance meditation.

Meditating for Enlightenment Essential Oil Recipe

I suggest diffusing the following recipe in the space you intend to use for meditation.  The space that you choose for your meditation practice should be free of distraction & separate from areas where you work, sleep, or exercise.  

  • 4 drops - Frankincense Essential Oil

  • 4 drops - Sandalwood Essential Oil

  • 2 drops - Helychrisum Essential oil

  • 2 drops - Lavender Essential Oil

Start diffusing this enlightening blend about 20-30 minutes before you begin meditating.  I like to start my diffuser, & then set up my space to ensure it is relaxing & distraction free.  This way, my body is prepared for meditation, & focusing inwardly comes more easily.

All of these Essential Oils are very gentle oils that are perfect for the beginner.  If you find, however, that the scent is distracting you, try halving the Diffuser Recipe.  Please note, as well, that Helychrisum Essential Oil is a wonderfully healing oil that rounds this blend out beautifully, but can be removed from this blend all together if you don't have any readily available.

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