5 Essential Oils to Relieve Neck and Back Pain

Ranging from minor to debilitating, back pain to any degree isn't pleasant & can stop us from enjoying our lives to the fullest.  While there are a number of over-the-counter remedies for back pain, often these come with dangerous side effects which worsen with prolonged use.  Essential Oils offer a great way to relieve back pain naturally & effectively. 

The Best Essential Oils to Relieve Back and Neck Pain

Wintergreen Essential Oil

The wintery fresh scent of Wintergreen Essential Oil is caused by methyl salicylate which occurs naturally in the plant.  It is this component of Wintergreen Essential Oil that makes it such a potent pain reliever & excellent in massage oils & muscle relief creams.  Wintergreen Essential Oil is an ingredient in a number of pain relief medications, including Ben-Gay.

Marjoram Essential Oil

Marjoram Essential Oil is excellent for relaxing tired & achy muscles.  It is an antispasmodic which makes it a great Essential Oil for releasing muscle tension.  Using Marjoram Essential Oil in a massage oil, or cream, is great for after the gym, or for relieving tension.

Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress Essential Oil helps to relieve back pain by aiding in increased circulation.  When using Cypress Essential Oil in a massage oil, or pain relieving cream, massage it into the skin in clockwise circles moving up toward your heart.

Frankincense Essential Oil

I can't say enough about Frankincense Essential Oil!  It's uses are numerous, & as an anti-inflammatory oil, it is incredibly powerful!  This oil will help to relax muscles & restore tissues.

Fir Needle Essential Oil

Fir Needle Essential Oil has a long history of treating muscle fatigue & rheumatic pain.  I always recommend it for clients with over worked muscles from strenuous physical activity, & joint pain.  It is great in a massage oil, or you can add a few drops to your bath water after a workout to alleviate muscle pain.

Essential Oil Recipe for Back & Neck Pain

To create a soothing massage oil that will relieve back & neck pain using the above Essential Oils, dilute the following oils into a carrier oil like coconut oil, or jojoba oil.  

  • 30 drops - Fir Needle Essential Oil

  • 20 drops - Marjoram Essential Oil

  • 15 drops - Frankincense Essential Oil

  • 10 drops - Wintergreen Essential Oil

  • 10 drops - Cypress Essential Oil

Blend into a glass amber bottle, & apply to any area of pain using clockwise circles moving toward the heart.  This potent blend is great for any localised pain.  For added pain relieve, you can also add 5 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil as it will cause a cooling, tingling feeling, that helps to relieve pain quickly.

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