Nature State Aromatherapy Diffuser

Nature State Aromatherapy Diffuser


Nature State is all about wellbeing for well beings.

This aromatherapy diffuser is inspired by the mesmerising geometric shapes found in nature and helps fill your home with the scent, aroma and therapeutic benefits of essential oils while doubling as a simple and attractive piece of home decor.

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Nature State Aromatherapy Diffuser

  • 7 coloured LED lights - hold onto your preferred colour or automatically rotate through all 7

  • 30 minutes, 2 hour and 8 hour run time options

  • Automatic shut off function

  • Measuring cup included so you never overfill your diffuser

  • White USB power cord and Australian adaptor included

  • 1-year warranty

Why Diffuse Essential Oils in Your Home?

Enjoy the powerful therapeutic benefits of essential oils every day can be as simple and easy as breathing.

The inhalation method of essential oil delivery is, by far, the most beneficial way of delivering essential oils and their healing properties to your body. An aromatherapy diffuser makes this entire process that much easier.

Diffusing essential oils helps to turn your home into a respite from the demands of urban living by reconnecting you with nature. Whether you choose to diffuse your essential oils at home, at work, or in your car while you’re on the go, essential oils offer a non-toxic and less-messy alternative to candles, scented plug-ins and other synthetic air-fresheners made from harmful chemicals. Diffusing essential oils adds fragrance and a sense of wellbeing to your space.

You can change the essential oils you diffuse as easily as you change your mind, so , whether you’re looking to think more clearly, sleep more soundly, feel more energised or are wanting to descend into total body relaxation, diffusing essential oils will help.