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Spruce Essential Oil


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Spruce Essential Oil

by britten thompson

Spruce Essential Oil has a pleasant, earthy scent which is sweet, soft & warm. Spruce Essential Oil is similar to other conifers like Fir & Pine but with a smoother & more mild aroma. Spruce oil contains approximately 50 percent monoterpenes – made up of camphene, sesquiterpenes, α-Pinene, & y-3-Carene – y-Bornyl acetate, & has hormone like properties that stimulate the Thymus & Pituitary glands.

Spruce Essential Oil comes from the needles & twigs of the Spruce tree which is native to the cold, wet climate of the North America. The native Americans have long known of the healing properties of Spruce, using it in ointments, salves & lotions to treat a wide range of skin conditions including burns, inflammation & sores.

Today the fresh scent & natural disinfectant properties of Spruce Oil see it used in many soaps, air fresheners & household cleaning products. It is also popular in meditation rituals for it’s calming effects that eases anxiety & stress.


Soothe your skin with spruce essential oil

For a fantastic smelling skin treatment that will help soothe & heal skin irritations add 6 drops of Spruce Essential Oil, 4 Drops of Cypress Essential Oil & 4 drops of Cedarwood Essential Oil to an organic coconut oil base.

Supporting grounding meditation with spruce essential oil

For a soothing & calming scent that supports grounding during meditation diffuse 5 drops of Spruce Essential Oil & 3 drops of Frankincense Essential Oil. Add 5 drops of Spruce Essential Oil to a warm Epsom salt bath for a deeply relaxing & soothing experience.

Create a soothing massage oil with spruce essential oil

Add Spruce Essential Oil to an Organic vegetable based carrier oil for a therapeutic & wonderfully scented massage oil.

Relax your mind with spruce essential oil

Combine 5 drops of Spruce Essential Oil with 4 drops of Jasmine Essential Oil for a relaxing aroma of the forest with a slight floral twist.

Deodorise with spruce essential oil

Spruce Essential oil works as a fantastic room deodoriser when diffused. Mix & match with other oils to find your favourite combination.

Precautions: As with all Essential Oils, please consult a certified Aromatherapist prior to ingesting Spruce Essential Oil. When apply Spruce to your skin, please be sure to dilute it appropriately in your choice of carrier oil. 

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Spruce essential oil has a delightfully woody and clarifying aroma. It blends well with other woody essential oils like cypress, fir and cedarwood. For an invigorating blend, combine spruce with a citrus essential oil or something floral like ylang ylang or geranium.

What is your favourite spruce essential oil blend? Let us know here and we’ll share your recipe on The Essential Life blog.

Purchase Spruce ESSENTIAL OIL

Here in Australia, spruce essential oil can be a difficult oil to find. If you want to add spruce essential oil to your aromatherapy collection, The Essential Life recommends purchasing it from our affiliates on Amazon. Click here to purchase your bottle of spruce essential oil.