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Clove Essential Oil


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Clove Essential Oil

by trysh sutton

Clove oil has long been recognised for its antioxidant properties. It is also known for its ability to treat a wide variety of health problems. Many believe it has spiritual properties that influence emotions & mental well-being. It was widely used by ancient civilisations as a "cure all" for different maladies. Yet, the benefits of this oil are still available in today's society.

Here, we'll look at nine ways Clove Essential Oil can benefit your body.


Aid in dental relief with clove essential oil

Surprisingly, Clove Essential Oil can be used to cure many dental ailments. Clove oil has a chemical called eugenol. This substance is used as a dental analgesic which can soothe tooth & gum pain. It is also effective in fighting against cavities when applied topically on the tooth. Historically, it was believed that clove oil could actually cure a cavity. In modern times it is understood that the oil merely numbs the area to reduce pain.

Clove oil can also act as a germicide. As such, it can be applied to ulcers & sores on the gums. It can also be gargled to help with a sore throat. Some choose to use it as a mouthwash due to its clean, fresh scent.

Relieve stress with clove essential oil

Essential clove oil can provide effective stress relief due to its aphrodisiacal properties. It has the ability to stimulate the mind & reduce fatigue. It produces a refreshing effect that promotes rest & alleviates depression.

Soothe indigestion with clove essential oil

Many Asian & Indian dishes incorporate clove because it aids in digestion. Apart from use in food, it can help people suffering from stomach aches, excessive gas & hiccups. Again, this is due to the presence of eugenol which helps relieve the throat & stomach lining.

Support circulation with clove essential oil

Clove oil keeps blood vessels from constricting & promotes healthy blood flow. The result is increased oxygenation & a faster metabolism. Efficient blood flow can also prevent organ damage & helps to keep the body feeling energetic & healthy.

Assist in regulate blood sugar with clove essential oil

The presence of phenol in clove oil can have a positive effect on blood sugar levels. The oil acts a regulator to control glucose levels after eating meals. Clove oil can also help purify the blood to keep sugar out of the bloodstream.

Cure headaches with clove essential oil

Clove oil can be used to provide headache relief because it has anti-inflammatory properties. It can be combined with table salt & used as a topical solution on the forehead. It can also be applied to other parts of the body that are suffering from swelling or pain. The oil creates a cooling effect similar to that of menthol to reduce hotness & swelling.

Soothe skin with clove essential oil

Essential clove oil works great on facial skin due to its ability to rejuvenate & refresh. It can be applied like a moisturiser to combat wrinkles & damaged skin. It also assists in treating acne & can remove impurities. Clove oil helps draw blood to the facial areas which aids in healing & keeps skin soft & smooth.

It is worth noting that Clove Essential Oil is a warming oil much like cinnamon. When you apply it topically, always be sure to dilute it.

Repel bugs with clove essential oil

Applying clove oil to the skin can prevent mosquitoes & other bugs from creating painful bites on the body. Insects abhor the strong smell of clove oil. Usually just a few drops on the skin or clothing is sufficient to ward off unwanted visitors. Clove oil can also be applied to furniture or bedding to keep bugs away from certain areas in the home.

In the summer, diffusing Clove Essential Oil outside will keep bugs & pests away.

We've discussed nine ways clove oil can benefit your health. However, the truth of the matter is that the list goes on. Clove essential oil can also be used for aromatherapy or in food preparation. Regardless of how it is used, clove oil remains an effective solution for many types of ailments.

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Clove essential oil has a warm and spicy aroma which blends well with other spicy essential oils like cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. Clove essential oil are smells beautiful when paired with copaiba, rosemary and wild orange.

What is your favourite clove essential oil blend? Let us know here and we’ll share your recipe on The Essential Life blog.


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