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Cassia Essential Oil


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The Essential Life

Cassia Essential Oil

by britten thompson

Cassia, sometimes called Chinese cinnamon, is an evergreen tree which is native to South Eastern Asia. The cassia tree is predominantly harvested for its bark which is used to create a spice which is very similar to cinnamon. 

Cassia has a long history of use in promoting healthy functioning of the immune system and digestive tract. In the Old Testament, it is mentioned that cassia was used to its rich fragrance and calming properties.

Cassia Essential Oil

Cassia essential oil is created through the steam distillation of the bark of the cassia tree. The oil has a strong, spicy aroma reminiscent of cinnamon essential oil. 

When using cassia essential oil, use with caution. It can irritate the skin when applied undiluted and, when inhaled directly can be quite overwhelming.

Cassia essential oil has a number of therapeutic benefits including:

Warm cold hands with cassia essential oil

Dilute 5 drops of cassia essential oil into 1 teaspoon of your favourite carrier oil and massage the mixture into the soles of your feet to warm up cold hands and feet.

Ease stomach upset with cassia essential oil

Blend 5 - 7 drops of cassia essential oil with 1 teaspoon of your favourite carrier oil. Massage the mixture in clockwise circles onto your abdomen to easy nausea and stomach upset. 

Support healing from a kidney infection with cassia essential oil

Mix 6 - 8 drops of cassia essential oil into 1 teaspoon of your favourite carrier oil. Apply the blend to the bottoms of your feet and massage it into your lower-back, right above your kidneys.

Please note, if you are stricken with a kidney infection, we recommend seeing a doctor. Cassia essential oil works to augment and support healing, it does not replace medical advice and treatment.

Keep colds away with cassia essential oil

During cold and flu season, or if someone in your house is ill, add 6 - 8 drops of cassia essential oil to your diffuser to kill germs and keep colds and viruses away.

Heat things up in the bedroom with cassia essential oil

Cassia, like most spicy essential oils, works as an all-natural aphrodisiac. When you want to create a hot and steamy atmosphere, diffuse 5 - 7 drops of cassia essential oil in your aromatherapy diffuser along with a few other spicy essential oils.

Feel emboldened with cassia essential oil

When you find yourself feeling uncertain or nervous, add 2 - 3 drops of cassia essential oil to 1 teaspoon of your favourite carrier oil and massage the mixture into the inside of your wrists. This will help you go from uncertain and nervous to bold.

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Blending with Cassia Essential Oil

Cassia’s warm and spicy aroma means is blends well with other spicy essential oils like cardamom, cinnamon, clove and ginger. It also smells beautiful when blended with citrus essential oils like bergamot or wild orange. 

For a delightful aromatherapy diffuser blend, try diffusing cassia essential oil will peppermint and a drop of grapefruit.

Where to Buy Cassia Essential Oil

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