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At its inception, The Essential Life was created with the idea of building a community. We wanted to create a space where members of our community could connect with one another, share their wisdom, learn from each other & grow together. We believe that, at the heart of everything, the most important thing we can do is build real, human connections. We believes that connectedness breeds belonging, happiness & contentment. Connectedness is what The Essential Life is all about.

A large part of creating connection & building a community is understanding that life is a unique experience for everyone who is fortunate enough to live it. The Essential Life aims to celebrate these differences through the sharing of the lens through which we view the world & our own personal journey within it. Our "Your Stories" campaign is aimed at encouraging The Essential Life community to share their personal stories, their triumphs, their greatest hurts, the times in their lives when they stumbled & the wisdom that was born of having the strength to get back up, carry on & thrive.

Sharing our stories as candidly & unabashedly as possible, frees us of the burden of our story, offers others the chance to support us in our journey & touches the hearts & lives of those who are at a midpoint in their journey & need to hear your wisdom in order to dig deep & find the strength to put one foot in front of the other & keep going. It is this spirit of support & sharing that is the foundation of The Essential Life. 

In the spirit of sharing, we would like to invite our readers & each member of The Essential Life to share their story. If you have a story to share & you believe it will help other members of The Essential Life community in their person journeys, we invite you to submit your article here. Submissions are open to everyone. There is no stipulations regarding formatting or length, we just want to emphasis to be on the personal. Let your voice pour through in your article & don't forget to include a short bio so we can add you to The Essential Life's community page


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