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Here at The Essential Life, we are HUGE advocates of developing a Yoga practice & transitioning into a Yoga lifestyle.

We feel very passionately about Yoga & this passion drives us to share pertinent, relevant & valuable information surrounding Yoga & developing a life-changing Yoga practice, with The Essential Life community. We sincerely believe that, through Yoga, we can all find the proverbial inner-peace & unending contentment that we so desperately need in this life. We feel that, that is what living The Essential Life is all about. It is this belief that guides us as we share stories from The Essential Life community about Yoga, helpful advice on getting started with Yoga, the best Yoga classes for you & so much more. 

The Essential Life is a community built on a sturdy foundation of wellness & wellbeing. We believe that Yoga & building a Yoga practice, is an intrinsic & necessary part of spreading our message & growing our burgeoning community. In the spirit of community, we endeavour to encourage connections through sharing & supporting one another in our individual wellness journeys as well as our Yoga journeys. In the spirit of sharing & connectivity, we would like to invite each individual who counts themselves as a part of The Essential Life community, to share their unique experiences with Yoga with all of our readers. If you'd like to share your thoughts on Yoga, or if you'd like to share your unique, first-person experience with Yoga, we invite you to contact us via email at 


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