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Sharing, support & connectedness are the core of what The Essential Life is all about &, in the spirit of sharing & support, we would like to invite all of our readers to make their mark on The Essential Life by becoming one of our contributors. If YOU would like to add YOUR voice to The Essential Life community, please submit YOUR story, article or blog using the form below.

Getting Published on The Essential LIfe

Here at The Essential Life, we receive a large number of submission requests. The volume of submissions that we receive means that we could either take weeks &  sometimes months to read through, edit & post the articles we receive, or we could contract a team of editors to help us get through the workload more quickly.

To serve YOU better, we opted to bring a few editors on board to help us read, edit & post all of the articles that YOU submit. 

To make this possible, we now charge a small reading fee for each article. The $5 reading fee goes directly to the editor who reads, edits & posts the articles that YOU submit. 

When YOU submit YOUR article to The Essential Life, we will contact YOU with details on how to pay the reading fee.

Please note, we will endeavour to read & publish articles & blogs as quickly as possible, however, publishing times may vary. One of our editors will be in touch with YOU within 48 hours of receiving YOUR article & payment.

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What We Publish

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Here at The Essential Life, our editorial guidelines are quite broad. We feel that, when we give our contributors space & freedom, they are able to write with passion & to share on a deeper level. In this way, we have found, our contributors are able to craft posts & articles which truly touch the lives & hearts of our readers.


The articles that we publish focus on a broad subject matter. The list of topics we will publish include:

  • Parenting
  • Sustainable Living
  • Philosophy
  • Opinion Articles
  • Personal Stories
  • Women's Interest
  • Feminism
  • Men's Interest
  • Yoga
  • Fitness
  • Essential Oils
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Alternative Healing
  • Travel
  • Diet
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Personal Growth
  • Books

The articles that we share on The Essential Life cover an even broader range of topics & subject matter. If you're not sure if your article would be a good fit for The Essential Life community, you can reach us via email at info@TheEssentialLife.org. 


While we share articles with The Essential Life community that cover a wide range of topics, there are a few things that we won't publish:

  • News
  • Political Articles
  • Overtly Religious Articles
  • Advertisements
  • Sales Pitches
  • Rude or Offensive Material

We're pretty open to what we share with The Essential Life community, but we certainly don't want to offend anyone & we're looking to create a community that benefits our contributors & our readers, which is why we won't publish sales pitches or press releases for different businesses. We also won't publish any articles or stories that are less than 400 words.


We are extremely grateful for each & every single one of our contributors. To show our support, we add your image & bio to the end of each article that you write for The Essential Life. Your author bio is where you are more than welcome to make your sales pitch & include links to your website & social media. 

We also maintain a contributors page. Every contributor who share two or more articles is added to our contributors page. This page include another link to your website & social media. For a preview of how we promote our authors, please click here


All articles that you share with The Essential Life will be attributed to you. When you submit an article, we may subtly edit or change your article for clarity & to ensure it jibes with The Essential Life's core values & mandates. 

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