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Wellness & Wellbeing

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Wellness & Wellbeing

To The Essential Life, wellness can mean a number of different things. It can mean living better through nature. It can mean living abundantly by cultivating a practice of Self Care & self love. It can mean nourishing yourself with healthy food. It can mean healing your mind, body & soul through Meditation, Reiki Healing, or any manner of alternative therapy. We believe all of these practices & lifestyle choices promote the spirit of wellness, & we believe through wellness we can live better.

With this mind, The Essential Life has made it our mission to spread the word about wellness & to share information surrounding living a more whole & happy life through wellness practices. We believe that, through sharing all that we know about holistic healing & wellness, we are able to help others find their way on their own wellness journey. The wellness journey is one of the core principles behind The Essential Life, & it is in all that we do & all that we share. We believe that this journey is an unending one, marked by growth, learning experiences, the gaining of wisdom & connections with others. We aim to promote a life of unending growth through the information & the stories that we share.

We believe that, in order to be effective in reaching our goals, we must have a deep sense of community at the core of all that we do. A community is built on sharing & we invite our readers to share their wisdom, their philosophies & their stories with The Essential Life community. If you would like to share, please connect with us here. We are so grateful to each & every member of our community who shares their wellness journey with The Essential Life & we endeavour to get each story published on The Essential Life website as quickly as possible.

Thank-you so much for reading & for being a part of such an uplifting community. We are so grateful for each & every one of you.

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