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About The Essential Life


The Essential Life's journey began in Vancouver, British Columbia. That was where our founders, Britten Thompson & Sean Douglas, met & fell in love. When we speak of their love, we mean, they fell in love with one another & in love with the beautiful city of Vancouver. These two elements of Britten & Sean's lives are the major themes running through The Essential Life even today. Love, & the impression Vancouver left on their lives play a huge role in what The Essential Life is; how we have grown & developed as a community; & where The Essential Life is headed.

The vision that Britten & Sean have for The Essential Life, is one heavily influences by the spirit of community. In the spirit of community, The Essential Life endeavours to be a sanctuary & an oasis where open-minded & compassionate people can gather to share their stories & to connect with & Support one another.


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The Essential Life Vision

The Change We want to See in The World


The Essential Life was created with lofty goals in mind. 

In addition to being a blog filled with stories, & a place where like-minded people can connect, share & support one another, The Essential Life wants to change the world. It might seem like an idealistic goal that is unattainable & completely out of reach, but hear us out.

We believe that the world, as a whole, is made up of a series of smaller pieces.  All of these small pieces are us, the people who inhabit space & time. As smaller pieces, we each have our own little world in which we live & experience life. 

Within our smaller worlds, we have a sphere of influence & connectivity. The Essential Life believes that, by focusing on making changes within our smaller worlds, our community will create large-scale change.

So, what small-scale change do we hope to create?

Through The Essential Life, we want to provide our readers with a well of inspiration. We want to be a resource where you can come, fill up your cup & go out into the world full of positivity.

We hope that, through the sharing of inspiration & positivity, we will provide our readers with the sustenance that they need to go out into the world & spark a conversation of change.

Only through discussions & hearing one another out will we truly understand humanity's global oneness. We also know that, in a world filled with rage, bigotry, inequality & prejudice, conversations of change can be difficult. That is why we have created The Essential Life, to serve as a sanctuary & a safe space for our community.




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The Essential Life

A Movement of Positivity


Positive change is the driving force behind The Essential Life. How do we hope to become a catalyst for change?

We believe that the only way to change the world is to have open, honest & respectful conversations. Through listening to one another, we better understand that there is no divide that separates us from one another. Rather, there is a oneness which connects us all. 

We want to highlight the humanity & commonality of people by working to eliminate the close-mindedness of divisiveness. 

In addition, we seek to be a resource for those looking to live a happier, healthier & more fulfilling life through positivity, spirituality, & sharing.

To this end, we share a wealth of information on a variety of topics that help to make a full life accessible to everyone.

In addition to sharing the unique stories & experiences of The Essential Life community, we share a wealth of information related to Wellness & Wellbeing; Living Naturally; & Yoga.

In addition, we are particularly passionate about Essential Oils & the power these wonders of nature have when it comes to healing people & changing lives. Our passion for Essential Oils has lead us to sharing a wealth of information surrounding their healing properties in order to help our community get the most out of every last drop of their oils.

It is also our hope to encourage The Essential Life to stretch, expand & grow through the practices of Mindfulness & Meditation

We believe that these two practices will help us to work on & develop ourselves in order to find contentment & peace so that we can be our best selves & focus all of our energy on shining a light of positivity into the world around us.


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