Bergamot essential oil: uplift & restore

Bergamot is a citrus fruit similar in aroma and flavour to an orange while more closely resembling a lime in appearance. Often called the bergamot orange, bergamot from the citrus family is very different from wild bergamot which is a herb from the mint family.

Bergamot essential oil is extracted from the rind of the fruit using a process called cold pressing. Cold pressing involves crushing and then pressing organic material to extract the maximum amount of liquid - in this case, essential oil.

Like all citrus fruit, Bergamot should not be applied topically if you are going out into direct sunlight. Applying bergamot essential oil before exposure to the sun cane result in severe burns and skin irritation as citrus increase photosensitivity.

Bergamot essential oil by DoTERRA

When it comes to essential oils, DoTERRA is a name you can trust. As the only retailer authorised to sell their essential oil as therapeutic grade, when you purchase DoTERRA oils, you know you are getting the purest essential oils possible and quality you can trust. Bergamot is a popular essential oil which be purchased from DoTERRA here.

Bergamot essential oil is an uplifting and restorative oil with a number of therapeutic benefits including:

Curbing cravings: Feel helpless when it comes to food cravings? Blend 3-4 drops of bergamot essential oil into one tablespoon of your favourite carrier oil and apply the mixture under your nose. You can also add 6-8 drops of bergamot essential oil to your ultrasonic diffuser to keep cravings at bay throughout the day.

Get to sleep: When you’re finding it hard to get to sleep add 4-6 drops of Bergamot essential oil and 3-5 drops of geranium essential oil to your diffuser.

Relieve stress: For stress and anxious feelings, blend 4-5 drops of bergamot essential oil with 3-4 drops of lavender essential oil and add the blend to one tablespoon of your favourite essential oil. Once blended, massage the mixture into the back of your neck and into the bottoms of your feet in the evening.

Join paint relief: To relieve sore, achey and inflamed joints, blend 3-4 drops of bergamot essential oil with 3-4 drops of wintergreen essential oil and the blend to one tablespoon of your favourite carrier oil. Apply the mixture to the affected area and be sure to avoid sun exposure for 8-12 hours after application.

Coughs and colds: If someone in your home is ill, or you’re starting to feel a little under the weather, diffuser 6-8 drops of bergamot essential oil with 6-8 drops of tea tree essential oil to purify the air and keep germs at bay.

Acne & skin irritation: Skin issues such as acne, eczema and psoriasis can be treated with bergamot essential oil. Dilute 3-4 drops of bergamot essential oil and 3-4 drops of chamomile essential oil into one tablespoon of jojoba carrier oil and use the blend as a facial cleanser for a deep and fretting clean. Rinse your skill with cool water and apply an oil-free moisturiser.

Emotional balance & clarity: When you find yourself feeling out of sorts and emotionally uncertain, diffuser 4-6 drops of bergamot essential oil with 4-6 drops of clary sage essential oil in your ultrasonic diffuser.

Blending with bergamot essential oil

As a citrus, bergamot blends well with most other essential oil especially floral oils like geranium, rose, ylang ylang and patchouli. It also smells wonderful with woody essential oils such as cedarwood, cypress and fir.

Where to buy bergamot essential oil

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Bergamot essential oil recipes