Cardamom essential oil: invigorate and recharge

Cardamom (also called cardamon or cardamum) is a spice that is created from the seeds of two plants native to Indonesia. It is now the world’s third most expensive spice following vanilla, which is second, and saffron, which is first.

The first reference to cardamom as a medicine dates back to ancient Ayurvedic texts. It has been used for centuries to cleanse the body from the inside out. It has powerful therapeutic benefits for the digestive system.

Today, cardamom essential oil is used to support healthy digestion, reduce inflammation, treat congestion and sinus issues and to detoxify the body.

Cardamom essential oil by doterra

When it comes to essential oils, DoTerra is a name you can trust. They are the world’s largest essential oil retailer and they are the only authorised seller of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. DoTerra also has a vast selection of essential oils meaning, while cardamom can be a difficult oil to find, you can easily order it from a DoTerra wellness advocate.

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Cardamom essential oil by DoTerra has a number of therapeutic benefits including:

Relieve constipation: When applied to your abdomen, or taken internally in a capsule, cardamom essential oil can help ease constipation. To apply to your abdomen, mix 5-6 drops of cardamom essential oil with one tablespoon of your favourite carrier oil (ours is jojoba oil) and apply the mixture in clockwise circles to your stomach. You can also try adding 1-2 drops of cardamom essential oil to an empty capsule once per day until symptoms ease.

Supporting colitis and crohn’s disease treatments: For those who have colitis or crohn’s disease, applying cardamom essential oil to your abdomen will help support traditional medical treatments for these diseases. Mix 8-10 drops of cardamom essential oil with 1 tablespoon of your favourite carrier oil and apply it in clockwise circles to your abdomen. Repeat this throughout the day as necessary.

Easing stomach ulcers: A stomach ulcer can be painful and uncomfortable. To ease the pain and burning sensation of a stomach ulcer, and to promote healing, add 2-3 drops of cardamom essential oil to an empty capsule and ingest it along with a full meal.

Promote focus and alertness: When you need to focus, but you’re feeling a bit foggy, or you can’t quite keep your attention from straying, try diffusing cardamom essential oil. You can also rub a single drop of cardamom essential oil between your palms, cup your hands around you nose and mouth and inhale. This inhalation method is perfect when you’re on the go.

Balancing emotions: In moments when you feel your emotions getting the better of you, diffusing 8-10 drops of cardamom essential oil in your ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser. Cardamom essential oil helps to balance emotions and provides clarity in times of heightened emotions and tension.

Blending with cardamom essential oil

Cardamom is a spicy essential oil that blends well with other spices such as cinnamon, clove bud and nutmeg. For a lovely, fresh and uplifting blend, try blending cardamom essential oil with sweet orange or grapefruit essential oils. It also blends nicely with some floral essential oils including ylang ylang and geranium.

What is your favourite cardamom essential oil blend? Let us know here.

Where to by cardamom essential oil

Cardamom essential oil can be a difficult oil to find, but it’s a must have oil for any essential oil collection, especially is you experience chronic stomach upset or digestive issues.

Fortunately, cardamom essential oil by DoTerra is available to purchase from Amazon and you can order it here.

Cardamom essential oil recipes