How to turn your home into a cozy sanctuary

No matter if it’s summer or winter where you live, you can benefit from improving the comfort & cosiness of your home all year round. Add a bit of softness & a homey feel to your home & you’ll end up with a perfect sanctuary that will embrace you every time you return to it. Here are just some of the ways you can boost cosiness in your humble abode.

Simple tricks to turn your home into a comfy & cozy sanctuary

Throws & pillows

Soft fabric accessories are a great, inexpensive way to boost comfort in your home. The idea of a cuddly throw over your couch instantly takes the cosiness to the next level. Fabrics like plaid & wool are especially warm & look amazing when put on display. If you want to take things a step further, you can opt for faux fur throws. These fuzzy covers will increase both style & comfort. Decorative pillows made of suede or velvet also boost aesthetics & cosiness. So, find a material that feels good against your skin & welcome it into your home.

Rely on paint

If you only want to make one change in pursuit of cosiness, paint is the answer. According to the Psychology of Colour, different hues have different effects on people’s minds. Darker colours like charcoal grey, deep blue, purple or chocolate brown always have a cosy feeling to them. However, make sure to break the monotony & add some light to your space with metallic elements or white accessories.

Create a window nook

If you have the budget & space to make bigger changes to your home, one of the best things you can invest in is a reading nook. Find a window that gets a lot of natural light & has an amazing view & build your nook there. You can get a lounger & push it against the wall or invest in a built-in nook. No matter the option you choose, make sure to additionally boost the comfort by covering the seating with cosy pillows & blankets. Also, welcome one beautiful houseplant & some essential oil freshener & your reading nook will achieve pleasant & calm atmosphere. Now, you’ll get to enjoy your favourite book like never before.

Give your bathroom a spa vibe

If you’re tired & aching after a long workday, there’s no better way to recover than soaking in a warm bath. Stylish baths will not only provide you with a place to relax, but they will also improve the overall look of your bathroom & help create a desirable spa look. Light some candles, turn on your aromatherapy diffuser & simply let the warm water take away all the stress & worries. Don’t forget to buy a few soft towels that will gently pull you back into reality after you finish your bath. Experts recommend painting your bathroom in a natural & neutral shade for ultimate relaxation.

Romantic lighting

Lighting greatly affects human behaviour & mood, so make sure to rid your home of all strong lighting that might strain your eyes. Instead, opt for soft string lights that will create a fairy-tale atmosphere. If you don’t have a way to install them in your home, add some dimmers to your general lighting. On the other hand, a fireplace is probably the best, cosy solution. The fire will instantly warm the place up & create a naturally romantic setting.

Cosy armchairs all around

Soft armchairs have always been the epitome of comfort, so don’t hesitate to scatter them around your home. Besides the obvious armchair spot that is your living room, your bedroom or walk-in closet can also greatly benefit from this cosy piece of furniture. Vintage seats have a special appeal that will simply beg you to dive into them & curl up with your favourite book.

These changes aren’t huge & expensive, but they tend to have a big impact. So, if your life has been feeling a little hectic lately & you feel like you need a break from it all, you’ll certainly benefit from giving your home a cosy makeover. 

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