Essential Oils to bring on your next camping trip

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One of the reasons I enjoy summer is because I get the chance to go on camping.  I call it my time to make memories. A camping trip, especially if you decide to go with the children is fun, & it is something the kids & even the adults will talk about for ages.

When you are planning the trip, there is so much excitement that you might forget that camping is not what it all entails. Besides the sunshine, the foliage, the full moon, the wildlife, & the sound of the crickets at night, there is a dark side to camping.

I am on about the bugs, insect bites, sunburns, lack of sleep, nausea & allergy attacks. The good thing is you can still make your camping trip memorable & hassle-free by packing essential oils.

What Essential Oils to bring camping with you

Why do you need to bring Essential Oils on a camping trip?

A camping trip means having long days in the sun & the bush sometimes. Being in the sun for long hours when you are sunbathing, hiking or taking a stroll can leave you with sunburns. Being in the wild too means you get to fight off bugs & insect bites more often than not. Some people also tend to struggle with sleep every time they sleep away from their beds.

For this reason, they would need something to calm down their nerves so they can sleep. These, as well as multiple other factors, are the reasons you need essential oils with you. So, which essential oils should you pack for your next camping trip?

Below are some of the most beneficial essential oils to throw into your luggage before you set camp. 

Lavender Essential Oil

Besides smelling great, lavender has a myriad of health benefits. Lavender is also one of the most widely used essential oils & one you cannot afford to leave behind. Lavender essential oils will protect you from the following things during your camping trip.


Dab lavender oil on the affected places to reduce inflammation. Add frankincense to the oil for better results.

Lack of sleep

Sprinkle some oil on your pillow before you sleep, & the lavender calming effect will put you to sleep.

Relief from bug bites

Mix water & some vinegar & add lavender essential oil into a spray bottle. Spray all around the camp & inside to keep out the bugs.

Cuts & scrapes

Apply lavender oil on cuts & scrapes to ease the pain

Other benefits are:

  • Eases tension

  • Helps with digestion

  • Boosts your energy

Peppermint Essential Oil

Need to replace your pain relief cream? Put peppermint essential oil in your backpack. Some of the benefits you get from peppermint are:

·      Relief from headaches & stress

·      Helps in treating sunburns

Dab peppermint on the affected areas for a cooling effect.

Cooling effect

When you are feeling the heat, & you want the skin to cool down, mix some peppermint essential oil with some water & eucalyptus essential oil in a spray bottle & use the mixture on your face neck & hands.

Relief from bug bites

Dab some peppermint on the affected places for fast healing & relief from pain.

Relief from headaches

Administer a few drops of peppermint oil on the hairline, the temple & the base of your skull & massage the oil into the skin. If the headaches are frequent, mix peppermint oil with lavender oil for faster relief. Peppermint Essential Oils can also help you relieve the following:

  • Constipation

  • Allergies

  • Muscle pains

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Consider putting Eucalyptus Essential Oil in your first aid kit. This very resourceful essential oil can help you in the treatment of the following:

Muscle & joint pains

Apply the oil on your skin to relieve you of any pains

Cuts & scrapes

Apply the oil to the affected areas to speed up healing.

Respiratory problems

It helps with decongestion, & it is likewise very good in treating coughs, sore throats & running noses.


Reduces body temperature by giving the body a cooling effect

For better results, use eucalyptus oil mixed with peppermint.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree essential oil is very effective for treating wounds & cuts. It is also a powerful mosquito repellent amongst several other uses. Many camping sites have mosquitoes that make it hard to enjoy a peaceful rest.

Luckily, for you, mosquitoes hate Tea Tree oil. Mix tree oil with some coconut oil & rub it all over skin to repel mosquitoes. Other reasons to carry tree oil are:

  • Relief from other bug bites apart from mosquitoes

  • Relief from sunburn

Other mosquito & insects repellent Essential Oils include:

  • Geranium Essential Oils

  • Citronella Essential Oils

You do not have to go to stores to get your camping supply of Essential Oils. You can learn how to make most of your own by following straightforward DIY steps.

When you are making the oils, make sure to differentiate between the natural essential oil recipes & the infused oil recipes. All these recipes can be found online. The ingredients & supplies you will mostly need for your DIY essential oils are:

  • Distilled water

  • A crock-pot with a lid

  • Fresh plant materials

  • Timer

Place your plants in the crockpot & cover with the distilled water, make sure you do not fill the pot with the water & cover the pot up. Heat up the water & lower the heat once the water boils. Boil on low heat for between 3 to 4 hours. Let the mixture cool & transfer the liquid to another container. Refrigerate overnight.

Take out your mixture from the refrigerator the following day & remove the top layer of the oil in the container. Place this oil into a bottle, preferably coloured & label your oil.

In case there is still some water mixed with the oil, heat it up again to turn the water into steam. Store your essential oil away from direct light.

Though the DIY Essential Oils may not be as strong as the ones purchased from stores, they are still as good. If you thought making your own essential oils was a hard task, now you know it is a quite straightforward process.

Did you get everything packed for your next camping trip? Enjoy camping & stay safe.

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