You Need to Purchase High-Quality Makeup & Skincare Products & This is Why

We all go through different stages in our lives with makeup & skincare, some experiences are less than stellar & maybe even cringe worthy. I wish sometimes I could go back in time & educate my teenage self about how much the products that you put on your skin matters.

Why Quality Skincare & Makeup Products Matter

When It Comes to Makeup, Cheaper isn't Better

I used to be the girl that would purchase whatever product 'seemed' good, & that was usually a brand I was familiar with, said it would perform the function required & where the price was right (guilty for mostly choosing the cheapest but when you're young & strapped for cash, sometimes you only have a small pool to choose from). 

After years of rotating through many mass produced & marketed skincare & makeup products, my skin was NOT the best it could be. I had congested, dull skin prone to angry acne breakouts & I decided that enough was ENOUGH! 

It's been two years since I decided to become more conscious with my skincare regime & the makeup I use. After all, our skin is our largest organ & I want to ensure that I keep my skin youthful & radiant. 

Unveiling Beautiful Skin With Harmful Chemicals

Since I made the switch to purchasing skincare & makeup that contain ingredients that are good for my skin, I have seen a vast improvement in my skin quality. I am seeing less breakouts, my skin is more supple, smooth & has a glow! Curious to know which brand has me rejoicing? 

It's Tarte! 

Tarte is an American makeup brand that has taken a step into the skincare market & I'm loving the products!

Makeup & Skincare Derived From Mother Nature

Tarte is know for their high quality products that have skin balancing & beneficial properties that empower & drive their slogan of Rethink Natural. These are derived from mother nature, Amazonian Clay & Rainforest of the Sea Complex (antioxidant rich alage & marine extracts). 

I first started using Tarte makeup three years ago, I started with an Amazonian clay pressed foundation powder & noticed how smooth my skin felt. It didn't cling to my acne dry patches.

I was young (21) & didn't really know much about why I should be focused on taking care of my skin. Flash forward another year, I started purchasing more Tarte makeup, bronzers & blushes infused with Amazonian clay, I noticed immediately how well my skin was reacting.

I knew I had to have more as Tarte were on to something.

Then the Rainforest of the Sea skincare line was released & I purchased travel sizes of the Deep Dive cleansing gel, four in one marin boosting mist, drink of H20 hydrating boost moisturizer & within a few days of using these small size beauties I was in love! I loved the way my skin felt, so I invested in the full size & I haven't looked back! The Rainforest of the Sea line isn't just for skincare, Tarte also infused makeup with this complex, from lipsticks, eyeshadows, concealers to my personal favourite, the water foundation! The ROTS water foundation is a light to buildable coverage that hydrates your skin with the complex to really provide skin nutrition, with a natural finish so your skin looks like skin.

Finding the Right All-Natural Beauty Products for You

I recommend everyone to research brands & their products prior to investing both financially & on your skin. For me, this was the best decision & something I have now been able to reach my younger sister who has now shown interest in skincare & makeup, & also my mum (who went from using nothing to take care of her skin, to just the essentials).

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