You Can Eat Healthy While Camping & Here's How

Camping food doesn’t always have to be endless chips, cookies & sodas.

Earlier today I was asked for some camping meal prep tips. I answered with enthusiasm & then an idea sparked. Maybe others have wondered these same questions. I just so happened to have a free day today, so I packed my bag & here I am on a gorgeous Saturday at the beach writing this post.

How to Eat Healthy While Camping

A Summertime Full of Camping

I have grown up camping as a young child & & have carried this over with my own kids. I would love to someday have a camping trailer & then the meals would be endless!

I mean, I can only imagine how much fun I would have in that kitchen, but we are still in the tent camping stage. Well, actually, I should tell you that next weekend we are going camping for our 1st time in a yurt. This is one of our summer bucket list ideas! So, with a spontaneous phone call & a last-minute cancellation, our plans are in the works.

We feel so lucky & look forward to this experience.

Camping Meal Prep Starts with a List

I am a list person, so jotting down meal lists & grocery lists came naturally. In the past I had winged it for camping meals but that just turned into spending more money for daily trips to the nearest grocery store (which sometimes isn’t near at all) to gather the missing items. Now I jot down all meals for each day & refer to this list often.

Grocery Shopping & Meal Prepping 

Next comes the grocery shopping & the prep. Here are a few of my favorite go to meals. An easy breakfast is a potato, egg, sausage scramble. This can be pre-made at any time & put into the freezer. Once you are packing your cooler you throw this in & it slowly thaws over time making it last a good 2-3 breakfasts.

I also pre-make any muffins & any burrito bowl style dishes & do the same steps.  We love the quickness of throwing the food in the pan & heating it up. Well I should say we love this quickness when camping with the kids!

For next weekend I am going to pre-make a roasted veggie tray to quickly heat up as a side with dinners. I am also going to try making smoothies & freezing them prior & see how that goes for some breakfasts.

I have prepped frozen wine slushies in the past & that worked great! In case anyone is wondering those are moscato or any sweet wine blended with frozen strawberry & frozen pineapple. Then freeze in zip locks per serving size, these last in the cooler nicely & are a perfect refreshing beverage.

Sometimes mama needs a wine slushy!

Camping With Kids

Now let’s talk about camping with kids.

In most cases, they can’t wait until the fire is built, burnt down just right, food cooked & ready. When they are hungry (& that’s most of the time!) it’s eat now. I have discovered a couple of tips to help tide them over & keep my sanity in those moments!

Cereal. When I think of camping I surely don’t think of a cereal breakfast. But last year I packed some cereal & milk on a whim. I have never looked back! This instant, easy snack has tided my boys over on several occasions & given us all some piece of mind in what could have been anxiety filled hangry moments.

Let’s be real, some camping cooking can take hours. That is part of the fun, but maybe save some of those moments for adult only trips!

Pack A Kid Coller 

Another life-saver tip has been discovering to pack a separate cooler just for the kids.

This was only a recent discovery & I think I may be brilliant! HA! After all the work that goes into meal prep & packing so everything fits just right, the last thing I want is for the kids to be digging through the cooler because they are hangry &  just can’t wait another minute.

This used to make me a little irritable & this could have been because I am that list, structured, organized person! Now I pack a separate cooler full of drinks & snacks just for them. They can dig in at any time & have at it! Awwwww breath of fresh air for me!

Leaving You With This

I hope some of these tips have been helpful. With summer upon us, I leave you with this thought. Go create a summer bucket list, dream big with that list while also leaving some open room for days like today. A day where a question sparked an idea to pack up, head to the beach & write!

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