Why The Big Lights Really Do Make You Feel Alive Again

In the later months of 2015 I made one of the biggest spontaneous decisions ever (in my life) to move to Sydney from the small little town I had called home for 20 odd years. Being a quiet & introverted character it was daunting to say the least, but I had forever longed for the day that I would get away from the little town where nothing ever happened.

Life As a Small Town Girl Living in The Big City

How My Mental Health Affected My New Life in Sydney

The first two months I absolutely loved it, thanks to a partner who was the complete opposite to me, I began to do things I hadn't ever done. Although a lot of times I longed for my quiet & invisible existence again – it has been one of the best things I have ever done. But my story had its downfalls.

Having been diagnosed with depression since I was fifteen years old, my downward spirals have always been difficult to manage. With the added downside of being so far from my family & friends, I decided that I was going to be the savior of my own story. 

I’ve always spent a lot of time in my own head – that’s how I like to phrase it.

How Writing Helped Me

When I was fresh out of high school, no plans for university or direction as to what I was going to do, I used the only strength I could think of as a driving force - which was writing. & with the passions that I thought was weird for a girl my age, I started to write for a travel website called Weekend Notes. It is a platform which highlights things to do in your hometown & wherever you've been, somewhat like what you’d see on Getaway or The Great Outdoors. 

In a place like Sydney, where there is something constantly to do, an introvert can get overwhelmed quite quickly.

But I managed to find a reason to not be ‘on’ all the time & rather stay indoors. That came in the form of working on my own creative enterprise (win-win!). Over six months of doing small jobs such as being a ‘glassy’ for bars, waitressing & slim-pickings from odd jobs I had received a readership of over 20,000. Something I had only ever dreamed off.

Plus, the boy I was with (I’d like to say a huge public thank you to him, if he ever reads this) encouraged me & saw my creative passion as an actual career rather than just a hobby. He taught me, in my own interpretation, to invest in yourself. That money is something that can always be made, but to find something that you are passionate about & are willing to work for, that’s what makes a successful life-long career.

Doing What I Love & Growing My Passion

I still write to this day & now have close to a 60,000 strong readership. I may not have been ‘successful’ as of yet, but I aspire to live my life in a way that suits me. Whether that be living in my car & travelling around on minimal expenses, or doing jobs that I don’t enjoy to fund my passion – then so be it. 

If you can take anything from my contribution, I hope it is for you to find your own passion & joy & run full-speed with it. Put all of yourself into it, as not only has my writing funded more adventures & memories to look back on but it’s also made my mental health that much better as I’m not always in my head – now it’s published & for all to see!

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About The Author - Chloe Doyle

Chloe Doyle is a 22-year-old & lives in the beautiful sunshine state known as Queensland in Australia. 

She stuck to her strengths after graduating high school & has pursued a career in creative writing. A freelance writer on the platform known as Weekend Notes, Chloe writes about the things she loves (some may seem weird) & will continue to do so for as long as she breathes.

For more information on Chloe, visit her on Weekend Notes. You can also connect with Chloe on Instagram.