Why You Need to Switch to an Activated Charcoal Tooth Brush Right Now

Activated charcoal has been around for a long, long, long time. We use charcoal to filter our water, absorb toxins from our bodies & even to treat flatulence. More recently, activated charcoal is being used for the maintenance of oral hygiene. There are a number of charcoal-based toothpastes on the market. Some people even advocate for brushing your teeth with charcoal powder. More recently, toothbrushes with charcoal-infused bristles have become something of a trend.

All About Activated Charcoal

With all of the buzz that activated charcoal receives, it's easy to assume this product is just another fad & that, just like green coffee bean extract, charcoal is a here-today-gone-tomorrow product pushed by people who want to make a quick buck & then move onto the next "health miracle". With charcoal, however, it's not that cut & dry. To find out why activated charcoal is actually a great addition to your oral hygiene routine, & your beauty regimen in general, we'll need to dive a little deeper into what activated charcoal is & learn a bit about its history.

What is Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal has been used by doctors, veterinarians & other healthcare professionals for decades. Charcoal is extremely absorbent & actually draws toxins out of the body. This makes it extremely helpful if you've eaten something you're allergic to & are suffering a severe allergic reaction. If you've ever had to rush your dog into the veterinarian after he chowed down on something he shouldn't have been eating, chances are, activated charcoal helped save your dog's life. 

Activated charcoal is a completely natural product which can be made from organic materials such as coconut shells & oak branches. The most common charcoal used for detoxification is made from coconut shells which are an abundant, natural & renewable resource. Another type of activated charcoal is Binchotan Charcoal, or white charcoal, which is a charcoal created through traditional Japanese methods, using oak branches. 

In the creation of Binchotan Charcoal, the branches of oak trees are placed in a clay kiln & burned slowly at lower temperatures. As the branches continue to burn, the temperature inside the kiln is rapidly increased & the branches are starved of oxygen which serves to carbonise the wood. The branches are then left to cool & as they cool, the wood takes on the white colour indicative of Binchotan Charcoal.

How Activated Charcoal Works

The manufacturing process that goes into the creation of activated charcoal is what makes it such a powerful detoxifier. Charcoal has an extremely porous surface which allows it to attract & absorb harmful particles which are present in our bodies. Charcoal's porousness is also what makes it such an effective tool in filtering & purifying water.

Through absorption, activated charcoal binds with chemicals & bacteria in your mouth & on your teeth leaving you with a cleaner mouth. This also helps prevent harmful bacteria from making its way into your body through your gut. In addition to being extremely porous & absorbent, activated charcoal has a number of naturally-occurring health benefits that make it an excellent addition to your oral hygiene routine & to your beauty regimen in general. Activated charcoal has natural antiviral, anti-fungal & antibacterial properties which make it even more powerful when it comes to detoxification.

Why Use a Charcoal Toothbrush

Here at The Essential Life, we are HUGE advocates of switching to naturally occurring & sustainably sourced products. We are firm believers that a greener & more natural lifestyle will help support the health of our community while taking into account & being Mindful of our impact on the environment. Swapping out your toothbrush for one with activated charcoal-infused bristles & a sustainably sourced bamboo handle is a small step in the direction of eco-consciousness & living a healthier, more natural lifestyle.

The best part about making the swap & investing in a charcoal-infused toothbrush is that it's much better for your teeth & helps to remove stains so you'll end up with a noticeably whiter smile. 

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