Why It's Important to Speak Your Truth

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A few years back, I was stuck in a dead-end job, where I wasn’t really allowed to do anything innovative or inspiring. There was so much red tape & every turn I would take resulted in a ‘no, we’re not sure that’s the best idea’, or ‘If you can write me a proposal of your idea, then we might think about it’.

One sunny day whilst at work, I went across the road to the park for lunch, as I sat there feeling lost & unsure of how I could take the steps towards really living my dreams, I saw a piece of paper sticking out of the picnic table.

I pulled it out & read the words looking up at me, ‘Be true to yourself, always.’ it said. I stared down at the yellow paper in my hand. It was the message from the universe I had been waiting for. From that day onwards, this was my mantra, every decision I made about my life was based on those words on the paper.

Be true to yourself, always, rung true to me & kept me going whenever I received another ‘no’.

It was the perfect reminder, that the messages I was telling my clients (in my part-time coaching & healing business) were for me too. So, I stepped it up. I took, even more, risks in my own business & even though I felt scared & worried about what people would think of me for going off on my own, I did it anyway. Because, be true to yourself, always. Right!?

Becoming a Spiritual Business Consultant: A Life-Changing Decision

So, I left the job where I felt smothered & went out on my own. Using all my energy to be brave truly step into the space of soulpreneur. But, in a safe way. Because, you know, I was being true to myself but still playing it safe…Being a true worrier, I didn’t want to completely freak out everyone.

So, I pitched myself on social media & to clients as a Spiritual Business Consultant, but, just to be safe, kept a toe in the disability industry because I wasn’t so sure I could make it in my dream career. If I’m being truly honest, my decisions weren’t purely based on being a little freaked to go out on your own, they were also based on the career that I had found myself floating in & out of because I was born with a disability. It felt that because I was living it that I should be a spokesperson person for it too.

But it never really felt right. To be honest, it actually felt like pushing shit up a hill to me. It was draining & a chore & it didn’t feel like it was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Taking a Leap of Faith

So, about 12 months down the track, I took the big leap of faith. Those special words, ‘Be true to yourself, always’, flooding through my bones & into my heart. Whilst lying in my bed after a huge week of work, I wrote a blog about how I was moving away from the disability industry (because, be true to yourself, always). I wrote about how the disability industry with all it quirks, drained me. I wrote about how the disability industry & all it’s uphills battles doesn’t interest me & then I began to write about what does interest me; such as; women in small business achieving their dreams or energetic healing or teaching women how to embrace their divine goddess energy into their businesses. Or, about how important it is to be true to ourselves, always.

Because when we’re not. We’re not the only person that’s missing out on our gifts, there is a huge group of people out there who are also missing out on our gifts. Because, what we have & what we are creating in our businesses, someone out there needs.

This is why it’s so important to speak our truth. Not only is it important to honour ourselves fully & embrace what makes us happy, but you never know who you could be inspiring out there.

Know that you have a purpose, even if you’re not sure what it is yet. Know that you’re worthy of happiness & love. Worthy of all your dreams coming true. Being true to yourself is the first step of self-empowerment & changing your life for the better. I hope you trust yourself enough to take the big leap & live the life of your dreams. I promise you, it’s worth it.

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