Which Essential Oil Are you?

Each Essential Oil has a very unique smell. The uniqueness of each oil's aroma attracts different people at different times in their lives. Have you ever found yourself obsessed with Rose Essential Oil? All of a sudden, you can't get enough of rose. You're using it every Essential Oil blend that you create. You add it to your lotion & begin to wear it as a perfume. Then, all of a sudden, Rose Essential Oil doesn't float your boat anymore. Now, you're absolutely head over heels in love with Orange Essential Oil & you don't know why.

This happens to everyone. 

Because Essential Oils & scent are deeply tied into emotions, as your mood & your mind change, so do the smells that appeal to you. This is the same reason why you'll discover an Essential Oil blend that absolutely takes your breath away, but when you share that blend with your friend, they don't like it at all. Strong reactions like this are very common with Essential Oils. usually, you will either love of hate a blend or single oil. What's more, the oils that you love & hate today might be completely different to the ones you love & hate tomorrow. 

Take our Quiz & find out which Essential Oil you're Most Like

Essential Oils & Personality

Just like each Essential Oil has its own unique property & aroma, you're uniquely you. You have your own strengths & weaknesses. You play a uniquely integral role in your family & friend group. You have your ups & downs, things that you love & a whole host of traits that make you, you. Included in that list is your favourite Essential Oils.

The Essential Oils that you feel most drawn to actually say a lot about who you are spiritually & emotionally. Take our quiz to find our which Essential Oil you are.

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