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Hi, my name is Andrew Willsher, I’m a resident of the United Kingdom, I’m 43 years old & recently my wife & I discovered the simply wonderful naturally occurring power of Essential Oils, back in 2016.

How We Found Essential Oils

Our story starts back on 8 October 2016 when our life ushered us into circumstances beyond our control & we had to make some choices, we were thankfully approached by our business partner & we gladly discovered 6 exclusive & exciting brands, of which one is PRIIME.

Falling in Love With Essential Oils

Our love for this range grew very rapidly & we now use these fabulous blends every day, in so many ways, in fact our children use them happily too, & the results are almost instant!

The great thing about this range of pre-blended Essential Oils is that there's never any mixing involved, these delightful combinations are expertly created by a Scientific & Wellness Council, with the finest Food-Grade Fractionated Coconut Oil as the Carrier, incidentally also a very beneficial Dietary Supplement, amazing fast-acting moisturiser too, there's no greasy after-use feeling, absorption is very fast & absorption area is greatly expanded.

Each of these blends has been formulated based on the principles of traditional Chinese Medicine, which for centuries has been a structure for the formulation of their Oils to directly reflect Royal Hierarchy positions & their important roles in civilization.

What I like the best about their preparation is that they are 100% Therapeutic Grade, there’s no synthetic ingredients plus they are independently confirmed free of contaminants & micro-organisms.

Our Favourite Essential Oil

Our clear favorite blend is Calm, here’s a little about why:

Ingredient Combination Parts:

Emperor: Lavender
Minister: Neroli
Assistant: Valerian
Messenger: Damas Rose

Support: Bergamot (FCF), Geranium Rose, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Marjoram Vetiver, Vanilla, Orange, Roman Chamomile, Melissa Leaf

What the Calm Essential Oil Blend Does

Here’s a little about the hugely beneficial effects of these ‘magical’ ingredients:

• Stress reduction via Mediterranean Neroli & Bergamot which remain two of the most popular additions to expensive perfumes, & there’s an exceptionally good reason why: we are drawn to the soothing effect they have on the central nervous system, naturally calming the pulse, quieting the nerves & restoring a sense of wellbeing.

• Lifts mood via the steam-distilled oil from thousands of Rose Petals: this has been treasured for centuries as one of nature’s most powerful pick-me-ups, gently cheering the heart.

• Promotes relaxation via extracts of Lavender & Valerian which contain natural compounds thought to ease insomnia, agitation & stress.

Our focus, initially, was to reduce our high stress levels, as we both suffer from debilitating physical conditions which used to sap our energy levels dramatically, leaving a lot of stress within our bodies daily, so to find a very effective solution that’s also very quick & easy in application is magnificent, a true blessing.

How We Use This Essential Oil

The application of Calm is so easy, we have found that our best results come from the following:

A drop gently massaged…

Behind the ears & ear lobes & into the inner wrists every morning to relax the body in facing the day ahead.

On the soles of our feet & as above (optional) just before bed to rest peacefully, calm our nervous system, brain & pulse rate for a truly relaxing, refreshing nights’ sleep.

A drop placed on a handkerchief…

Placed into a pillow case before bed (great for children & young babies).

Placed into a child’s cuddly toy (some feature a Velcro opening at rear for washing) before bedtime

A drop placed into a warm bath.

A drop mixed with a drop of Fractionated Coconut Oil, gently massaged together & applied onto the soles of children’s feet, onto their chest, around their neck & behind their ears.

A drop placed into the palm of our hand, then massaged together with our other hand, placed over our nose to inhale slowly & deeply for instant relaxation & reduction in stress levels, I felt better very quickly doing this, I was relaxed properly & my body felt renewed.

A few drops placed into a diffuser for a wonderfully beautiful aroma that has the focus of Lavender & Rose at its core, relaxing the atmosphere around our entire house.

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About The Author - Andrew Willsher

Calm is one of our lovely family of blends, & we have personal experience with almost all of them, you can read about these plus view images of all the blends at our Facebook Page.

I’m also very happy to be contacted with any questions about our experiences, it’s a pleasure to help others to find the powerful yet very blissfully peaceful solutions we have.  My contact details can be found at the website below, & you can add me as a friend on Facebook, it’ll be my pleasure to connect with you.

Calm is also featured within one of the excellent videos featured at our website, my hope is that you will find it very entertaining & informative. Thank you for your time today, it’s been a pleasure!

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