When it's Time to Leave

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Domestic violence comes in many different forms of abuse. Regardless of the form it takes, domestic abuse is unacceptable & the silence surround domestic violence must be broken. More than that, the stigma of being an abused partner, be that woman or man, must be broken.

Sometimes you meet a guy who tells you everything you want to hear e.g. your beautiful, lets start a family, your the best thing to ever happen to me. Time goes on & for the first few weeks things are pretty much perfect until he realizes how much money you have in savings. Then the stories start falling from their mouth e.g. I’m broke, starving, I need money for clothes etc., you make me happy, looking forward to seeing you, cannot wait to have kids, lies upon lies.

More time passes & you fight with family as well as friends because they see what you can’t, they are the ones who see the bad bits of the relationship. You try to talk to your partner & you get told that you family is exaggerating. Then you are told sob stories e.g. I’m shy, your family don't like me & I cant work at the moment.

You move in with them & things start off peachy then they turn pear shaped when reality hits & you struggle with a massive loss of money due to their addictions e.g. pokies, alcohol, drugs etc. Made to feel unloved & uncared for whilst feeling like your only good for money as you are tossed aside for friends.

Weeks pass & you are threatened by them when you run out of money to support their habits. Then when money is supplied everything changes again until the cycle repeats itself. Things get so bad that you leave. You're in debt as all savings are gone but you're safe, which is all that matters.

Its frightening for a while after escaping, but it gets easier.

...It gets easier, at least, that is what I am told.