What's the Secret to Controlling One's Own Mind?

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The secret is...

Taking just one step...

To understanding...

That It's not to be controlled & never was.

Observe Your Mind as an Enthralled Bystander

Your mind is not to be controlled, just to be observed, as you are not it & it is not you. You're the awareness of it...the perceiver.

You say "How do I control my mind?"

Please read the above highlighted sentence again very slowly, before carrying on reading this blog.

You are Greater Than Your Mind

You said "my" mind, the proof is right there, hidden in plain sight. The proof that if you can be aware of what you call mind, conceptualise it, imagine it, talk about it, then the purest sense of you must be at a wider vantage point to enable you to perceive it. If the mind is the ground then you are the sky, don't bring yourself down to its level for you are greater than it. 

So the so called "Mind" can not be the purest sense of you for you yourself speak of it in the possessive term "my". Like my book, my jacket, my mum, my house - they may be yours in the physically realm but they are not you. 

Believing it (mind) is you, can lead to unwanted stress, for as we all know, the mind at times will communicate to us via thoughts that trigger us when we believe them to be true or more powerful than our own will, but this is not true. You are the witness not the subject of all that it can show you, just like how you're witnessing this device you are looking at and know 100% that this device isn't you!

Own your mind, stay above it, don't be it.