What to Expect From Your First Aromatherapy Massage

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So you’ve seen it advertised at your local Massage centre or Beauty salon, it’s been described very nicely & you’re thinking about making a booking.......but what exactly should you expect from your first Aromatherapy Massage? Let me see if I can shed a little light on this for anyone who’s wondering.

By Definition

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of plant-derived oils (known as Essential Oils) to promote physical & psychological well-being. It is a Holistic treatment, meaning it is a therapy that considers the whole person.

The Talking Bit

With this in mind it is important to know that a detailed consultation is necessary before your massage can begin. We (your therapist) will likely set aside some extra time on your first visit so you can answer some questions about your health & lifestyle, including diet (don’t worry we’re not here to judge), exercise & medical history. This may be a little frustrating for some as they’re dying to get on the bed, but this step will ensure the best oils are used to help you get the most from your treatment. It will also make sure that you are safe for therapy so it is vital to be honest.

The Interesting Bit

After the consultation we will be able to highlight areas of focus for the session such as ‘sleep’, ‘stress’ & ‘sore muscles’ depending on the information gathered. From here we will select up to three Essential Oils to create a synergy (fancy name for an oil blend). You will likely be given the oils to smell & decide if you are happy. It’s important to like the smell as it will stay with you for the rest of the day & possibly through the night also. Next we’ll combine it with a ‘carrier oil’ (eg almond or grapeseed) ready to use for application.

The Best Bit

Next is the part you’ve been waiting for! On the bed you’ll go & the magic will begin.

As the Essential Oils are very strong they ‘do the work’ so the massage pressure need only be light to medium. Long stroking movements are used together with accupressure (pressure from our thumbs usually in lines along the body), this makes for a very relaxing & almost dreamy treatment.

The After Bit

Shame....it’s finished! But before you go we’ll likely give you a glass of water & suggest you leave the oils on your skin for as long as possible. We’ll also offer some advice on how you can maintain the effects of the massage & ways you can improve your Wellbeing through small changes in your day to day. If there’s time, we may also suggest an oil or two you can use at home to help with any specific problem you may be having.

Extra Bits

- Not all therapists are qualified in Aromatherapy blending, so if that is the case you will probably be offered a choice of some ‘pre-blended’ synergies designed to target a general area such as ‘relaxation’ or ‘stress’.

- It may differ in some places but in my experience if you’re having a full body massage, you’ll be asked to remove all clothing except your undies. We massage one body part at a time so if it’s not being worked it will remain covered by towels to keep you comfortable and to protect your modesty.

- Please don’t be scared to say if you’re too hot, too cold or an area is sore for you. This is your massage & it’s important you enjoy it!

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