What is "Soul Purpose"?

When we are young we all follow our hearts later on to what we can learn is our soul. We believe we can fly, we believe we can be an animal, we believe in all fairy-like creatures & a line on a page is in fact precious art. We are dinosaurs, butterflies, horses. We are the sky. Our parents keep that true for us – we run to them saying “look at me I’m a butterfly” & they will laugh along & make your world true. You are a butterfly.

As we age & enter adulthood, we no longer believe we are butterflies. We are told that a line on a page is not art, & our parents no longer keep the “make believe” world alive for us. We lose our butterflies.

As time goes on we are forced to enter a world of “reality” we get desk jobs & put on a suit & tie – we forget about the make believe world. We forget that we once were butterflies. As we go through this chapter of our lives, many of us wonder: "Is this it? Are we here to do just this – pay bills go to work and eventually die?” Many of us continue this chapter we leave the questions behind & make ourselves believe that this is enough. This is now our lives.

But for some of us, we continue to question & we begin to search for the true meaning of life the true meaning of why we are here.

The Secre to Finding Happiness is Discovering Your Soul Purpose

We Begin the Quest for Our Soul Purpose

But where do we even start? We’ve forgotten how to be butterflies we’ve forgotten how to fly. Is a line on a page really art? What about the bills? How will I pay the bills? The questions of reality start to hit us as we fight the urge to pursue our soul purpose.

Through the madness of our own selves – we start at the very beginning – we make a list. We make a list of all the things we want to do what we love what we use to love & we start attacking that list. As we begin the list we slowly enter a whole new world of opportunity challenges new friends & forget about old friends. Soon the office life has no meaning and you pick up a job at the local coffee shop. But you don’t care you love it. The people, the environment, its new its exciting.

One day, a light goes on. This light you haven’t felt in years it’s the light that went on when you ran to your parents telling them that you’re a butterfly. It’s the excitement you got when you showed your kindergarten teacher a picture of the one blue line you drew on the page. You see you understand that THIS is your passion this is your purpose. Making great coffee & making people happy.

Living Life on Purpose

As you continue this journey – you will wake up everyday with a feeling of purpose. A feeling that your life & what you are doing really matters. You will enter a portal where everything you see, everything you do, everything you touch, will now have a meaning. You will remember that you can fly you are a butterfly & that little blue line on a piece of paper is in fact art.

You will do everything in your power to help people see & understand that this is in fact true. You will walk with a light about you and people will gravitate to that because you are now walking with your soul. You will look back on your old life the life you lived at the desk. Bleak & grey. You will have so much Gratitude for that life - because if it wasn’t for that life you would never be where you are now. You will speak with such confidence that you will surprise yourself.

This chapter of your life is called Soul Purpose. Live in it.

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