Time to Start & Begin

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It's time to listen, to begin, to renew & to change. Spring has this quality of renewal. After a dark winter, the earth warms, the pulse of life quickens, nature wants to blossom & reaches for the sun.

Create sukha, what means "good space" - a state of happiness & health for an easeful transition to spring. Maybe it's time to detox, eat wholesome food. Perhaps it's time to practice asana & Meditation. This is your chance to change your habits; remember you can always start & begin.

How Can I Begin? 

The main question for a good start is: " What are my goals"?

Find out what you really, really want, how do you want to live & what is most important in your life. Is there a need for wholesome food - a healthy body - for more time for yourself - for Silence - for Love - for Growth?

As soon as you create your goal, you also have to make sacrifices in order to get it.

If I want, for example, to establish a steady Yoga practice in order to feel good in my body, I'm willing to cut time in front of my computer or cellphone. It's helpful to reflect on it, for knowing, if your false refuges might lead you in a wrong direction.

Each day, remember what is important for you. It is indeed a practice of radical Self Care that brings you forward.

Find Support for Your New Beginning

Surround yourself with people that bring you forward & the system that supports you. For example, when I'm enrolled in a Yoga studio or class, I can connect with the community around me & start to build friendships that support me on my Yoga path.

As you dive more deeply into your goals & visions, may you enjoy & see the love in the "good space" in you.

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