This is Why I always wear nice, clean undies

We all learn from experience, yes even when it comes to underwear.

When I was in my tweens, I had many undies with holes, & stained by dyes from tumbles in the washing machine. I mean, they were super comfy & still usable, so why throw them out? I’m sure we all had those pairs we bought in pre-packaged bundles as well. You know, the buy five for $10 types.

What usually ensued was selecting a bundle with one or two pairs that I liked, while the rest were simply tolerated. These spare pairs either had weird words splashed across them in gold like “Girl Power!” or “You are my cherry” (whatever that means. It can be strange in Asia), along with clipart prints for good measure.

But who cares - nobody looks at your underwear! You should pay more attention to your dress or pants, right?

I Always Wear Nice Undies

An Embarrassing Experience

The first time I regretted wearing one of those pairs wasn’t before some one night stand or sexy date. I had to pull my shorts down at the emergency room for a doctor to examine. I was burning with embarrassment as he observed me with a serious face, hole-ridden underwear & all.

Relief filled me when I pulled my shorts back up. I swore there & then to do a mass underwear spring cleaning when I got home.

That wasn’t the only time I’ve had to reveal my secret piece of cloth. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to open my legs for doctors & nurses. Sometimes while passed out on a surgeon’s table like an unceremonious offering. To be honest, I’m sure the doctor doesn’t quite care. But sometimes I wonder if they discuss this subject amongst themselves - “Hey guess what I saw at the ER today?!” 

So now I make sure that I have a decent pair on. Nothing fancy like a g-string in expensive black lace, but something nice & presentable. Because it is exactly that - a presentation!

An Unforeseen Consequence of Chronic Illness

Oh, & you never know when you’re going to show up at the ER without you knowing either. For example, when you’re passed out from a seizure. So no, sometimes you don’t have the time to change into a good pair of knickers. On other occasions where your body has become a conductor for pain, the slightest movement can feel like death. That’s really not a good time to do a lingerie switch.

So there you go. Perhaps this doesn’t bother you &, if so, more power to you! But one strange lesson I’ve learned from my constant, last minute, ER visits is to always wear a decent pair of undies. No matter the time of day, no matter how I’m feeling, no ifs & no buts!

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