The Yoga Way

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We always prefer to settle,

To settle with what we have;

To settle with what we want;

To settle with ordinary lives;

To settle with negative vibes;

To settle with harsh reality;

To settle with brutal lies;

To settle with fear of vaguely being ourselves;

To settle with the fear of ever showing who we really are;

Only if we could change the settling thoughts,

And let the unsettlement guide us through,

We will find a totally new way of leading to a better you.

Yoga to me is far beyond Asanas & Meditation, it is a way of life. This doesn't mean you will not have issues or times of anger, despair or fear but it will surely help to keep your calm through all these moments.

The principles of Yoga are simple to understand & follow even in this modern world & busy lives.

How to Live a Yoga Lifestyle

I follow & believe in three P's of Yoga that are:




I believe these have the power to change our outlook toward towards life.


We have heard this phrase "be positive" numerous times but not once have we tried to follow it. In Yoga keeping a positive head means never using any negative words like no, can't, never, not etc. Our mind is a brilliant word reader & it processes words better than feelings or emotions, so just by using positive words you can fool your brain into taking positive actions.


"Work Hard Until You Succeed" we all have heard, but Karma Yoga states "Do your job without depending on the fruit".

Success & Failure are not the end points of the race, they are just laps that you clear in this race of life but remember important is to keep running without getting affected by these laps.


Time & tide waits for none, a phrase that we have taken way too seriously in our fast forward lives.

Yoga states that patience is far beyond waiting for things to happen, its actually believing that you are on the right path & continuing to work without waiting to know the results.

I personally have struggled with all of the above & have tried to practice them in my life .

I came across Yoga when i was learning Dance (graduation) & Yoga was one of the compulsory subjects in our course, I started with trying to achieve flexibility & strength in order to compete with my classmates. It really frustrated me everyday getting stuck due to my stiff body. That's when my teacher brought in the concept of Bhava which means the intention or the accompanying attitude behind doing any work, which literally meant that when your mind is stiff your body becomes stiff. That's when I started working on my mind along with my body & I could see the slow & gradual progression & the change in my attitude towards everything in life.

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