The Wonders of Poetry for Self Expression & Healing

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I can’t remember the day I started loving poetry. I can’t remember the day I started writing it. I do remember the children’s poems I used to read & the way that I fell in love with the rhythm & the flow. I remember feeling what felt like intense emotions at the time & not knowing what to do with them or where to safely direct them. I think it felt natural to pick up a pen & write during these times.

No one could hear me writing – my poems became my secret. Writing grew to be my release, my safe way of venting, of showing my anger, my pain, my sadness. No one could shout at me, no one could judge me, no one would be hurt if I just picked up a pen. I wrote to express all kinds of emotions. I even started to write personalised poems in the birthday/Christmas cards of my loved ones. Friends, lovers & family would occasionally get a poem as my way of expressing what I couldn’t quite express in person. It was my way of saying ‘you are special to me’. 

Poetry as Therapy

It is amazing how therapeutic poetry can be.

For poetry lovers like myself, it is an escape, a like minded friend, an understanding. Often, when I have felt really low in mood, I have looked for poetry, written poems initially, then with the growing popularity on YouTube – poetic performances.

YouTube changed the way I saw poetry & introduced me to spoken word. As if I was not already in love with poetry - spoken word became my mistress. There is something soothing & reassuring about listening to someone speak the words that you can’t quite find to express yourself. There is something beautiful about the fact that this means that they have felt the same way too, that you are not alone.

Even the poems that you can not relate to from experience can be so deep that you appreciate the beauty of them and the beauty and strength of the performer. When you are feeling down about something, go onto YouTube or Google & type the first word that comes to mind along with ‘poetry’ or ‘spoken word’. If you have a love of poetry or even art or music, I bet you gain something from it!

Self Love & Self Acceptance Through Poetry

Growing up, I struggled & still sometimes struggle with self acceptance & confidence.

I struggled to find my identity. I am a quiet person to those who don’t know me well & in such a loud world, I have often felt that quiet isn’t good enough, that I must be more. Well with poetry, I am more. That sounds a bit stupid & cliché, but I found my identity through poetry. I might be the quiet one in the group most times, but there is more to me.

One day, a few years back I started posting my poetry on my private social media & I got such positive feedback that I continued. I promised myself that eventually I would get the confidence to post it more publicly.

Last year, I started a WordPress website. This year, I have started a YouTube channel, a Facebook account & an Instagram account for my poetry. It is still early days, but sometimes it feels unreal. It started as something so small, my own secret drug, & now here it is for the world to see.

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