The spirit of Christmas

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Every year as December rolls around, a certain magic fills the air. Decorations are hung, carols are sung & the world transforms into a colourful realm of festive cheer.

The Spirit of Christmas Around the World

What Christmas Means to me

I am a self confessed Christmas addict. It is, by far, my favourite holiday of the year, & yes, I am one of THOSE people who want to start decorating as soon as Halloween is over.

While many people criticise me for this, my answer is simple...What is wrong with wanting to do something that makes my house more colourful and brings happiness and joy, to not only me, but also my 3 children?

What Christmas Means to People Around the World

The holidays mean something different to everyone. For many, it is a religious occassion, celebrating the birth of a spiritual leader. For others, it is a cultural event, stemming from ancient celebrations of the winter solstice. There are those who see it merely as an over-commercialised gift giving extravaganza & those who don't celebrate at all.

For me, Christmas isn't any of those things. For me, (& I suspect many others), Christmas is about time spent with family & friends. 

As a child, Christmas was always spent surrounded by family. Each year we would alternate between my grandparent's houses, open presents & eat copious amounts of food. While I remember enjoying these aspects of Christmas Day, my fondest memories are the time spent with my cousins, siblings & extended family.

Whether it was creating dance routines to perform a backyard show for our parents, going swimming & jumping off the bridge at the local creek or just sitting around, chatting & laughing, while wearing ugly Christmas paper hats.

Those are the memories I carried with me into adulthood & those are the memories I wish to create for my own children.

I realise I am one of the lucky ones. Lucky to have not 1, but 2 great families to spend Christmas with, to create memories with. Not everyone has this. Many people will spend this Christmas alone and sometimes in despair. So this Christmas, I encourage everyone to reach out to someone you know is spending the holidays alone. Whether it be a friend, a neighbour or a work colleague. Everyone deserves to feel happiness and joy this festive season.

After all, the best gift you can give someone, is the gift of your time. 

Happy Holidays.

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Emma is a 31-year-old mother from the north coast of New South Wales, Australia.

She has a Bachelors degree in Business (Human Resources & Marketing) but has set aside work for the past 7 years to raise her 3 beautiful children.

Outside of the tears, tantrums & joy that is motherhood, Emma enjoys cooking, home decor & all things beauty related.