The Seven Seed Labyrinth

I stood in front of a field of Lavender. The fragrance wafted up to my senses as a gentle summer breeze blew my short hair away from my face & I felt intoxicated for a moment as I took in the beauty of this place.

A Physical Journey Which Mirrors My Personal Journey

Visiting Young Living's Lavender Farm

On a Wednesday I had boarded a plane to Salt Lake City, rented a red Nissan Sentra, & driven an hour & a half south to find one of the Lavender farms I’d been reading about for the last two months. I hadn’t planned to visit the farm, exactly, but I understand that sometimes in this life, the planets align just so. My visit to Young Living’s farm in Mona, Utah, was one of those times.

So often we read about a place, gaze at the images online, & dream about it being something that it turns out is very far from the truth. That isn’t the case when it comes to the farm in Mona.

I entered through the visitor centre & right away smelled the Essential Oils in numerous diffusers all over the gift store. I asked the woman at the front desk if there was anything I needed to know before exploring the grounds & she said, “No, just walk the path. Don’t worry about being nosy. If you see someplace you want to know about, go right in & take a look.” She smiled at me, & I felt relaxed by the lack of rules when exploring the farm.

Young Living’s Mona farm has some 1,400 acres of lavender fields. The grounds are well-kept & feature horse stables with Belgian, Shire, Clydesdale, & Percheron horses inside. There are koi ponds & pathways out to barns & herb processing facilities. There’s also a large arena where they host events for the community.

Walking The Seven Seed Labyrinth

I walked to the edge of one of the lavender fields & read a sign about The Seven Seed Labyrinth. A narrow path, barely wider than a foot started just to the right of the sign, & without pausing to consider where it would lead, I stepped onto the trail. As I walked, I noticed the quiet, the distant sound of the horses whinnying in the stables, & of course, the fragrance.

Once in the center of the field I stood for a moment, & said a little prayer of thanks. This path, the literal one I found myself traveling on that day at the end of July, was a metaphor for so much. It was about all the moments of my life that had brought me here. It was about life, & loss, & what has made me, me, in all these years of exploration. It was about health & self care. It was about love in its purest essence.

I walked out of the labyrinth & back to my car. I drove north toward the mountains surrounding Park City, but the scent of lavender followed me in my minds eye & became more than a physical experience. The Seven Seed Labyrinth became a memory I will carry along on this journey, wherever it takes me.

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