The New Product that is Hiding Renewable Energy in Plain Sight

Continuing the trend of being one of the world leaders in electrical innovation at a consumer level, Tesla has now released the much anticipated solar roof tile. This new product is set to change the way we build houses, & drastically alter our reliance on large scale energy grids for our electricity in the future.

Sustainable Living With Renewable Solar Energy

Solar panels for a new Generation of Consumers

Harnessing the power of the sun through roof mounted solar panels is nothing new, & the very recognisable shiny black panels have been a fixture on the roofs of energy conscious homeowners for decades. While these panels have been quite effective at capturing the sun’s rays & converting them to electricity they do have a few downsides, mainly their aesthetics, their durability & the problems of storing the unused energy.

Solar is now harder, better, sleeker, stronger

The Solar Roof from Tesla overcomes the drawbacks of traditional solar panel designs through some astounding engineering. Instead of mounting panels over an existing roof, for example ceramic roof tiles, the Solar Roof incorporates the energy capturing solar cells into the roof tiles themselves, which are made from a tempered glass three times stronger & more durable than traditional roof tiles. The outstanding durability of the tempered glass used has earned the Solar Roof to the best possible ratings against hail, wind & fire, outperforming all traditional roofing options in these categories.

Customisable looks for every home

The Solar Roof tiles currently come in two options, textured, which resembles a traditional shingle style aesthetic, or smooth which gives a more modern look. Further options will be available in 2018 & include both terracotta & slate look tiles, giving options to suit the required look for a large range of both new & existing homes. 

Fully customisable set-ups that are Family & pet friendly

The tiles come in two types, solar & non-solar, which are visually identical from ground level. This allows the amount of solar collection to be customised to the needs of each home, saving on cost. With the addition of another Tesla product, the Power Wall, which is a large battery designed to store excess power generated during daylight hours, you are able to go completely off-grid with your electricity. The Power Wall batteries are weather proof, can be installed inside or outside, produce no external heat & are completely safe for children & pets. The ability to either wall mount or stack up to 10 of the Power Walls on the ground creates options for storage to suit most needs.

Nothing says confidence like an infinite warranty

The Solar Roof comes with an “infinite warranty” which they describe as “the lifetime of your house, or infinity, whichever comes sooner” which is clearly a tongue-in-cheek way of conveying their confidence in the durability of their product. The Power Wall batteries come with a less confident but still impressive 10 year warranty.

This product will appeal to individuals & property developers who dismissed traditional solar panel set-ups due to their negative aesthetics, or need for constant maintenance & repair, & will open-up solar power as an option to a much wider section of the high-end residential market.

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The long term cost benefits of Solar Power are hard to ignore

While the cost of these products is currently high in comparison to other roofing options Tesla urges consumers to take a longer term view & assures interested buyers that over the lifetime of their house the roof will pay for itself many times over  in energy cost savings. There are also government incentives for renewable energy sources available in many countries which will help offset the cost & make these products more attainable. This is in addition to the knowledge that by going off-grid you are divorcing yourself entirely from dependence on fossil fuels for your domestic energy requirements, which is perhaps the main draw card of this product for environmentally conscious consumers. 

The ability to go off-grid with Renewable Energy is here

At this point the Solar Roof from Tesla seems to be a more durable, better looking, & lower maintenance option for doing your part for the environment by massively reducing your carbon footprint at home, & for those who can afford a Solar Roof, bank of Power Walls & a Tesla Model S electric car, the ability to be completely dependent from fossil fuels for your domestic electricity & transportation seems to be now within reach.

A potential stepping stone toward a brighter tomorrow through Renewable domestic Energy

The ability for Tesla & other companies to mass produce these new technologies at price points available to the average consumer will shape how we move forward with energy production in the future, & we can only hope that the renewable energy movement keeps gaining momentum at a rate that can have a real impact on the environment we all share. For the time being it is up to those fortunate enough to be able to afford these new innovations to lead the way in protecting our environment & making this world a better place.

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