The Healing Power of Mother Earth

I’ve have been gardening with my family for four years now & I don’t think we will stop growing a garden & caring for the living things that Mother Nature has created. It is probably one of the most satisfying things we'll ever do in our life.

It all began when my parents paused & looked at their lives for a while. They saw that the lives they where living were not at all fulfilling. They decided that we couldn’t go on like this. The least we could do was to explore different forms of living. As we got a deeper bond with the essence of life our physical state & mind started to unfold into a more profound way of being. We became more conscious of how we used Nature's resources & how we treated ourselves. 

The Healing Power That Mother Nature Provides

Connecting with nature

Most of us are extremely disconnected & isolated from the earth. This is mainly because we don’t spend enough time in nature where we are able feel the earth beneath us.

Even when we are outside most of us are wearing shoes. When you take off your shoes & walk around barefoot on the grass, in the soil or by the beach, you begin to fill up with the energy of the ground. The stress you may feel from your everyday life will flow into the earth. You will, on the other hand, upload the grounding effects of Mother Nature. This phenomenon is called earthing. My mother also calls this grounding effect the ground crown chakra. 

When you are meditating, focus on the ground beneath you & imagine that your body is developing a crown of roots into the earth beneath you. Your own majestic ground crown chakra. You can bring this visualization with you. Give it a color. When you feel you need to connect with the earth again, imagine these roots planting themselves underneath you. This really helps feeling grounded & connected. Not only to the earth but yourself as well.

The essentials of the forest

Going to Copenhagen everyday attending school would leave me very drained & distressed. To relax & charge myself again I would do a simple meditation practice. Each day when I came home I would go for a short walk in the forest. Simple but sincerely beneficial.

Practicing Japanese forest bathing can reduce stress, high blood pressure & heart rate & instead improve your immune system & overall mental feeling of wellbeing. When you go for a walk in the forest you breath in the fresh air filled with phytoncide. These are Essential Oils that trees emit to protect themselves from harm. 

In my home environment I integrate these Essential Oils from the trees. I like to use pine needle, sandalwood, cedar & tea tree to wash away stress and promote wellness. In a way we inhale a protective shield.

Absorbing Mother Nature is a natural healing remedy.

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