The Easy & Natural Ways to Grow Your Baby's Hair

When you give birth to your child, he may or may not be born with hair. But as he starts to grow older & time passes, he begins to have a bit of hair around his head, looking older & healthy! The hair growth on babies varies, & there will be times that some parents notice that their little one has little to no hair growing!

Fortunately, there are ways to grow baby hairs & maintain your child's hair for it to grow naturally & beautifully. Wondering how? Read on as I talk about what you need to know when caring for your baby's hair & how you can encourage better growth.

How to Grow Your Baby's Hair

What to Know About Baby Hair

You're probably wondering: When do babies begin to grow their hair in the first place? Here are some things to know about your baby's hair & how it develops:

Some babies are born with a full head of hair, while some babies are bald. Most (or all) babies would lose their hair over a span of a few months, then begin to grow their hair again once they have reached nine to twelve months. Your baby's hair falls off entirely because of his hormones changing. 

Depending on genetics & hormones, your baby's hair may change in thickness & colour. After all of your baby's hair fell out after giving birth, he will then start to grow his natural hair at a steady rate. The exact time is uncertain, as it varies. Some newborns will start growing their hair within six months, while some would take about three years.

How to Grow Your Baby's Hair

Encouraging hair growth is possible! There are various ways to do it, so here are the methods you can try to grow your baby's hair:  

Using Coconut Oil

If your baby's scalp is dry & oily, your baby might scratch it a lot, which ends up with hair loss. Baby oil mixed with coconut oil will help relieve the dryness while encouraging hair growth.

What You Need:

• Four tablespoons of coconut oil
• Tablespoon of lemon juice

How to Proceed:

• Mix both of the ingredients together well using your hand.
• It’s best to do this during the night, before your baby sleeps. Apply it on your baby's scalp, massaging it gently & allowing the oils to run through all parts. Leave it for a whole night, or for at least four hours.
• The morning after (or when the four hours is up), shampoo like normal then rinse with lukewarm water afterward.

You can also use baby oil or almond oil, which are just as effective in growing & thickening hair.

Using Yogurt

You can try this natural remedy to keep your baby's hair texture smooth & give it a better shine. It will also allow your baby's hair to grow better & longer, as yogurt is known to be a natural hair thickener.

What You Need:

• One cup of thick yogurt
• Water

How to Proceed:

• Beat the yogurt before applying it on your baby’s hair for it to become thinner & better to massage it with.
• Gently massage the yogurt into your baby's scalp. Let it sit for half an hour
• Rinse the mixture off with lukewarm water. You can repeat this every other day.

Using Egg

Since egg is a good source of protein, it will help encourage longer & thicker hair for your baby.

What You Need:

• One egg
• Water

How to Proceed:

• Beat the egg.
• Apply the beaten egg on your child’s scalp & hair. Leave it for an hour.
• Bathe your baby right after.

You can also try using aloe vera instead of egg, as aloe vera can also help encourage better hair growth.

How Nutrition Affect Your Baby's Hair

The most important thing you should look after would be your baby's diet, as this also affects his hair growth. 

Here's a list of food you should feed your baby to encourage hair growth

• Salmon
• Eggs
• Spinach
• Sweet potatoes
• Almonds or walnuts (if your baby is old enough to chew solids)
• Carrots or pumpkin (if he can't eat yet, you can season these ingredients & create a paste)

Also, make sure that he drinks five glasses of water a day. If he is still under a year old, then feed your young one a nutritious milk formula or soft food such as yogurt & baby cereal. Food with protein, rich in vitamins A, B, & D, are safe for your baby.

You can also check with a doctor to see if your baby needs supplements for better nutrition.

Other Tips To Encourage Your Baby's Hair Growth

Studies have shown that babies who lie on their backs will develop a flat spot on their heads, which results in them losing patches of hair from rubbing against the mattress in their crib. Try allowing him to sleep on your stomach, facing you. Do this daily, but avoid getting him used to it or your baby will end up only sleeping when held!

If you tie your baby's hair, don't tie it up too tightly, as it would damage the roots & slow down hair growth.

How to Maintain Your Baby's Hair

Now that you know how to grow your baby’s hair, how can you maintain your baby's hair & keep it healthy & growing naturally? Here are some tips you can follow to take care of the full head of hair on your baby: 

• Always use hair products safe for babies. Use baby oil & baby shampoo or conditioner. Refrain from using regular hair products, as the active chemicals may damage your baby's hair & harm their health.

• If your baby still has no hair, you should still shampoo his head twice a week. Use a hat to protect your baby's head from the sun, avoiding cradle cap (oily & flaky patches of skin on his scalp).

• For babies who now have thicker hair, regular haircuts or trims will help make his hair more manageable. 

• Have a fussy baby who hates baths & shampooing? Instead of pouring water over his head, use a damp washcloth to wipe shampoo away. Or, make your baby comfortable by bringing his favorite toy & have him get used to water.

Remember that babies are unable to care for themselves, let alone take care of their hair. That's why it's important to follow these tips & maintain their growing hair to avoid any hair loss or damaged hair in the long run.

While you might be worried about the growth of your baby's hair, there's no cause for alarm! As long as you take care of his hair correctly & use the safe products to maintain his health, his hair will begin to sprout out in time, looking both cute & healthy for those precious family photos!

I hope that this article on how to grow your baby’s hair helped you become more knowledgeable on what you need to do so your baby will continue to grow & become a dapper young gentleman. So what are you waiting for? If you want your baby's hair to grow quickly, then try these all-natural methods.

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