The Day my Dream Job Became my Worst Nightmare

Almost everyone has at least one dream job.

You know, the one that you always imagined but never really thought you’d get. Yes, that’s the one. For me, this dream job wasn’t exact, but it was about as close as it would get considering the small town in which I lived.

While it was a dream that lasted longer than most, five years, four months & 23 days to be precise, it would end in one of the worst nightmares of my life.

How My Dream Job Became Something Else Entirely

Landing the Job

I consider myself a dreamer but like most, I’m completely realistic.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, & someday hoped to do it professionally. Which is why when I landed a position with one of the largest publishing companies in my area, I was ecstatic. To be completely honest, it was partially the largest because it was one of only two, at most three, of the publishing companies in the town. This made no difference to me because all I needed was an opportunity to gain knowledge & grow within the company.

It was perfect, or at least I thought so.

Starting at The Bottom With Dreams of Climbing The Corporate Ladder

To say I started at the bottom is an understatement.

In fact, the closest I got to any of the magazines the company published was during orientation when they briefed me on what type of publications the company offered. My job? Call the subscribers to renew or potential subscribers to start a subscription. That’s it! I was a call-center operator.

Wondering where the dream begins? It happened to be just around the corner from my initial hire.

I was determined to make the most of every opportunity & because of this, I moved from the call-center floor to supervisor quickly. From here, I was placed in a few other departments as needed & soon became quite an asset to the company.

At least, it seemed so.

The Ending

It was the Christmas holiday of my fifth year with the company & the day I returned from my one-week vacation. My manager, accompanied by the HR manager called me into her office, the look was grim & the gut feeling was equally drenching.

She spoke these words, “We won’t be able to keep you on because agents have complained that you’re difficult to work with.” My heart dropped & my eyes filled with water. The questions, words or even thoughts simply wouldn’t form at that moment. I was asked to gather my things & leave the building.

Wait, this can’t be happening is what I thought. It’s difficult to imagine five years ending this way. I’d never been reprimanded, written-up, warned, & believe it or not, I’d never been called to the manager’s office about problems with any of the fifty agents that I co-supervised. At this moment, my dream had become a nightmare.

Taking the Time to Process & Moving On

It would be about two to three days before I could even process what had just happened.

I had a son to take care of & no time to spare. I cried, called on God & made my next move, I started my own writing & editing services. This was done on a wing & a prayer, with only two clients in tow.

Whew! This had to work, because truthfully, I had to work! I could spend the remainder of the holiday depressed & wondering why or what went wrong. I’m in a no-cause state & unfortunately, can be terminated for no cause at all. It was at this point in my life that I made the choice to create my dream job & live the dream. I had been exposed to some of the best writers in the business & knew so much about the industry. This big stumble turned out to be my biggest motivation & I never looked back.

Turning The Nightmare into Triumph

Today, almost five years later, my small business has flourished & afforded me amazing opportunities in life.

I don’t spend time wondering what could have been, as I’m busy being thankful for what is. I didn’t plan it this way, but I’m so glad God is the orchestrator of my life. His plan for my life is better than anything I could have drafted & for that, I’m extremely grateful.

In life, there will be stumbling blocks, set-backs, or absolute disasters but your actions must be greater than your reaction. Our reactions are fueled by emotions, but our actions should be fueled by circumstance & determination. No matter the moment, acknowledge your circumstance & be determined to make it better than it was before. Life is not always what we want, but we can always work to make it more than we ever dreamed. I did & I know you can!

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