The Birth of a Child Through the Eyes of a Nerd

As Einstein expounded in his theory of relativity some hundred odd years ago, as an object approaches the speed of light, according to an observer within their own unmoving reference frame, time dilates.

Therefore, a clock in an observer’s reference frame will tick faster than the clock on a spaceship traveling one-half that of the speed of light as measured by the observer. All of the physics of relatively is what comes to mind - the mind of an academic or, to be frank, a complete nerd - when I ponder the birth of my beautiful daughter.

Einstein's Theory of Relativity & the Birth of My Daughter

Life's Most astounding Phenomena

One would think, if they could view her birth via a biology-to-machine live stream, that the events of her parturition occurred at exactly the speed of light (as that is of course the maximum velocity any object can attain in our world governed by its physical laws), because, as I recall, it felt as if each second lasted an eternity, each frame frozen in time.

I felt as if the room no longer adhered to temporal normality as I gazed upon her mother at the head of the hospital bed, watching her perform one of life’s most astonishing natural phenomena.

That experience, through the eyes of the father, isn’t often described.

Child Birth Through the Father's Eyes

The neural plasticity of a father’s brain post-partum has been empirically uncovered. The hormonal changes often referred to when discussing maternal physiology has been shown to extend to paternal physiology, as well. Though, the experience, as a man lives it, has yet to be adequately discussed.

It isn’t explicated in the scientific literature. It isn’t elucidated colloquially in blogs or articles. It, in itself, is a phenomenon that is sadly overlooked as the explanation of the experience from a man’s perspective sheds light, awe-inspiring light, on its effect on us.

Psychobiologically, this moment yields vast action. It was once said that the mind takes the shape of the brain. So, the experiences of fear & excitement that accompanies the birth of a child, the instantaneous & overwhelming feelings of love & joy instantiate, through the aforementioned experiences of mind, the neurochemical cascades occurring throughout the limbic & endocrine systems.

The Unquantifiableness of Fatherhood

However, all of the scientific explanation one could put forth to parse apart the internal occurrences of the moment one’s child is born underrepresents the raw, humanistic reality.

The primitive feeling of creation, evolution, of expanding one’s tribe. The feeling of engendering something we are attuned to in, what could be best described as, a transcendental connection. The knowing that, this meat suit contains within its most fundamental biological unit parts & pieces of you. The knowing that your child will be your legacy as he or she carries parts of you beyond the end of your time.

The birth of my beautiful, sweet little girl has given me something indescribable, something that one feels uniquely through parenthood, which makes it difficult to communicate. She continues to be my inspiration in everything I attempt in life. She has reminded me of the simple pleasures. She has taught me lessons that pervade my deepest philosophies & perspectives.

In that seemingly unending moment, I realized that even time dilation couldn’t provide me with my most sought desire, the desire of innumerable lifetimes with her.   

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