The Benefits of Healing Stones & Crystals

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Introducing Healing Stones & Crystals Into Your Life 

Meditation: In my experience with these sacred stones/healing tools the best way to bring crystals into your life & to benefit from their healing energies is to introduce them into your Meditations.

Meditating with a crystal can familiarise the crystals energy with your own, combining the two & creating a circuit of healing between the mind, body, & spirit. Simply hold the crystal you wish to meditate with in your hand, focus on your breath, & relax your mind. Let go of all stress, worries, anxiety, & fear. Let all thoughts float by & drift away like a cloud until you can directly & effortlessly focus on your breath, letting the crystals energy do its healing work.

Pocket Stones & Jewellery:  A fun & easy way to acquaint crystals into ones life is by simply placing a pocket sized healing stone into your bra or pocket or by wearing the healing stone as jewellery. By doing so, you are allowing the crystals energy field to intermingle with your own throughout the day, strengthening the bond between the crystal & yourself, strengthening your aura, aligning your chakras, keeping the bad vibes away & promoting pure positive energy & your Wellbeing in general, also crystals look great with any outfit!

Which Crystals are for Me?

Every stone has its own unique healing energy. For example, Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love for its abilities to activate the heart chakra, promoting pure unconditional love, dispelling tension, stress, anger, resentment, fear & suspicion while rebirthing hope & faith. Turquoise harmonises & stimulates the throat chakra, promoting honest & clear communication while bringing forth ones deepest wisdom. Smoky Quartz is very grounding & protective, keeping one safe from negative energies in their environment & assists with pure Earth connection.

The list goes on & on! I would say that when it comes to choosing a specific stone for yourself to choose whichever stone you feel the most drawn too as I've heard many times before, the stone chooses you, you do not choose it. 

These magnificent healing stones & crystals have been in the Earth for thousands of years. They should be treated with nothing but pure love & respect as they are here to help heal us human beings & lead us towards a more beneficial & positive, uplifting & enlightening life. 

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