Skin: The Connection Between All That's Inside of Us & the World

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I Believe Our Bodies are Magical.

Imagine it: every moment, our bodies are new—cells upon cells arrive to replace the old until entire organs rebirth themselves. Our skin replaces itself every month, our stomach lining regenerates every five days, & our livers are new every six weeks.  

We don’t just arrive in this world once; we are continually becoming.

That’s where the magic lies: because we are always arriving, continually creating, we have the power, in every moment, to create ourselves anew. Transformation is in our bones, quite literally. 

I believe it is our birthright to harness this power, to turn our potential into reality: to grow & shift & move. I created an organic skincare line to honour this magic.

Where Our Insides Meet the Outside World

You see, I imagine skin as this living, breathing hub, this place of exchange & connection, where what’s inside us meets the outside world & vice versa. Literally, our skin is part of this massive regulatory system, an exciting place of communication where things are continually coming in & going out: nothing is ever stagnant & our skin is not opaque. 

Life happens where our skin meets the world; change happens. Transformation happens. The truth is that our skin does not isolate us from the world: because it is permeable, it binds us to it. There is no life without this exchange.

So close your eyes & imagine, for a moment, this bustle happening across the expanse of your entire body; every minute of every day from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head, communication, dealings, commerce happens. After all, our skin is our largest organ, stretching across every bit of us, far exceeding the space of our hearts or our kidneys.  

Now imagine this: everything that makes its way through our skin’s hub, getting the green light to cross the tracks, ends up in our bodies—literally, what’s outside can become us, entering the networks of our bloodstream. 

In fact, 60% of what you put on your skin enters your bloodstream & becomes the fuel that feeds your continually regenerating and rebirthing cells & organs. It’s not just our mouths that eat; our skin eats, too. 

Which means we must choose: what do we want to feed our bodies with—&, by extension, how do we want to transform? Because it’s no longer, “I am what I eat,” but “I am what I put on my skin,” too. 

I choose only organic, plant ingredients in my skincare line not just because we want to radiate beauty, the natural, ever-replenishing beauty of Mother Earth, but because our skin literally connects us to the world & fuels our existence. It deserves the healthiest nourishment.

We do not nourish our skin to chase the fountain of youth, to try to hold ourselves stagnant & resist the flow of time: no, we nourish our skin to embrace change, to truly allow our skin & bodies to change, to shift, to become over and over again. We nourish our skin to encourage healthy, joyful, radiant transformation.

We nourish our skin because we are worthy: we are worthy of living vibrantly. Of treating ourselves with gentleness & love. 

Compassion for ourselves, our bodies, & our earth is the root of healthy transformation. Let’s begin with kindness. 

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