Self Love

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Self-love & the lack of it, seem to be the topic we are interested in talking about more & more these days. Many of us are coming from such self-destructive places & are in need of repairing that requires the serious work & dedication of learning to love ourselves. 

There are different perspectives through which we can look at Self-Love.

Body Image: Learning to Love the Skin You're In

We are waking up to the fact that beauty is subjective. The image that we as a society have been idolising for the past 100 years is losing its power of influence. It's almost like we are getting to know & redefine our bodies all over again. 

Self Care: Understanding the Need to Love Ourselves First

Self Care is a big one. Yes, we are talking about this one for a long time now. Learning to eat right, to exercise... Although, the intent seems to be shifting. It's less about looking a certain way in order to fit in with the soon to be expired beauty standard & more about how it actually makes us feel.

Our Relationship With Ourselves: A Life-Long Romance

This one has been my life long project. The way we self-talk. The way we stand up for ourselves, or our failure to do so. The way we seek the love & approval from others & the price we are often willing to pay for it. For some of us, it results in a lack of self-respect.

The relationship with ourselves is a direction we are not always willing to look at. But when things get rough, we become willing. 

The Importance of Self-Love

Self-Love is the foundation we are literally standing on, so when we decide to work on it, to go back & heal the places that need healing, to change our habits, to look close into the mirror... it can be overwhelming. It becomes a shaky ground for a while. To look deep, to dig deep, to confront the fears is "messing" with the foundation we are standing on. If you are going trough a process of self-love healing right now, you are my hero.

Coming out on the other side, being able to stand up for ourselves, being able to look in the mirror, say & mean it: "You've got this honey." Discovering the place of #UnconditionalSelfLove.

I call it home. There is no place like home.

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