Realisations: The Road Signs to Self-Actualisation

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To all of a sudden feel a certain way that leads the mind to a new truth about our individuality is the beginning of our journey to self-actualisation. These minor “mind epiphanies” lead us down a path of self-discipline within our body & mind. Discovering self-development & self-purification allows us to live lives filled with complete freedom, happiness, & peace. We should aspire to journey along this path so we can experience Ultimate Reality. Random thoughts of “this is what life is about,” or “I should act this way so I can attain that,” pop into our mind when the universe assures us we are on the path to transformation. Jot those thoughts down & stick to them, practice these healthy lifestyle choices & embark on your journey.

Find Your Centre

Attention & practice is always needed when finding centre in this hectic world. With emotions & thoughts coming & going like cars in Time Square it’s so important to come back & be one with your centre. Visualising a red dot or a bright yellow aura helps locate inner peace. This keeps you focused on the present moment & gives no merit to chaos. Our minds are like light switches: in one millisecond you could be in a dark room, & in another millisecond (with the power of a positive mind) you could be in a big, full, & bright room. Close your eyes, picture your dot, & take three large deep breaths when you feel overwhelmed or scattered.

Ingest Good Gathering

We are what we eat. Our actions are our reality. In order to feel & live the lives we desire, ingest only the organic natures of life. Realisations remind us of how good it feels to take care of our bodies, mentally & physically. Humans are made up of the same elements as the earth so it only makes sense to fill our bodies with healthy recipes. We should explore the wonders plants can provide. Essential Oils have been known to aid the attainment of self & cure impurities in our homes & lives so we can feel secure & confident in our own skin.

Practice Concentration

Meditation is the end-all be-all life hack. When practiced regularly & correctly it has the power of turning dreams into reality, anxieties into peace, thoughts into actions. The practice of concentration on breathing is one of the well-known exercises for mental development. There are many ways of developing attentiveness in relation to the body through modes of Meditation. These trance states discard emotions like ill will, worry, restlessness, skeptical doubt, & maintains feelings of joy & happiness. Practicing this daily will train your mind into controlling what comes & goes, & to pay attention to the signs of enlightenment.

Exercise Your Mind & Body

Keep your energy flow steady & regular by practicing Yoga daily. Not only does this rid our bodies of blockages it also helps us visualise our centres. Other activities will also help circulate the good energies in your body & remove the harmful ones.

The path to self-actualisation is long & ongoing. It certainty won't happen over night but the journey is beautiful. It opens our minds & hearts to see what relationships, goals, & characteristics are worth keeping & worth ridding. For the ones that aren’t meant to keep gives room for release & reminds us of morals & values. Negative emotions like grief & sadness are all part of normal transformations. We now have the knowledge to trigger a reverse response that will lead us back to happiness.

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